TMHI Clinical Telemental Health Consultation Program

TMHI Start-up Consultation Program

The TeleMental Health Institute is available to help expand your services with telemental health. We provide evidence-based planning and implementation strategies for you to develop legal, ethical and evidence-based telemental health systems and practices. Tailored consultancy is available for:

  • Medical groups seeking to expand into behavioral telehealth
  • Community mental health centers, addiction treatment facilities, federally qualified behavioral centers, residential treatment facilities and speciality agencies looking to serve more patients
  • Research projects needing telemental health program design, standardized protocols and clinical staff training
  • Small group and independent practitioners looking to grow practices, reduce operational costs or re-locate to other states
  • Technology companies searching for patient engagement, other behavioral interventions and viable partners

TMHI offers you a one-stop consulting opportunity that will help you with full implementation in as little as 3 – 6 months. During that time, you can count on us to:

  • Assess and understand your particular needs
  • Orient and train your clinical and clerical staff
  • Help you make informed decisions about technologies to meet your work-flow, ergonomic and patient needs
  • Inspire your referral sources to send you new business, and
  • Deliver a strategic plan for continued growth with your new telehealth offerings to more client/patients and their families; a happier workforce and increased profits

With TMHI’s Start-Up Consultation Program, you and your team will experience the power and excitement of:

  • Gaining command of the legal and ethical principles governing telemental health
  • Discovering practical ways to implement telemental health systems within your organization
  • Becoming well-grounded in the evidence base related to telemental health
  • Recruiting reluctant staff and invigorating community referral sources
  • Implementing successful billing and other reimbursement and funding strategies
  • Maximizing your group’s profit potential with Health Care Reform by leveraging technology to improve care, increase access and lower costs

What’s Included?

To maximize your investment of resources, TMHI offers a unique combination of consultation and online training delivered in five phases that will quickly get you to your goals. Please click each of these five tabs below to learn more about each phase:

A checklist will be provided prior to this meeting to maximize your time and effort during the needs assessment phase. Email questionnaires may be sent to some of your staff to clarify any missing information. A written evaluative report and recommendations will be delivered and discussed with you.

Your selected training group will meet and allow time for thoughtful discussion of core theoretical, evidence-based models of potential interest to you; legal, regulatory, ethical and other risk management issues such a licensure, informed consent, preventing and handling emergencies; documentation and other guidelines; video teleconferencing technology choices; clinical and video production issues; reimbursement strategies and other funding sources; electronic health records (EHRs) and how to include templates to maximize clinical time for telehealth; suggested social media policies; emailing text messaging, apps and other key policies as based on research; community outreach to recruit referral sources and the development of a strategic plan that will provide a clear path for expansion of your services to include telemental health. Your resulting telemental health will reflect your needs, preferences and risk management as per the scientific evidence base. You will be directed to develop the information needed to be in compliance with relevant legal, regulatory and ethical codes.

During your needs assessment, your training group will be assigned key Certificate Program courses to review in preparation for their first meeting with the TMHI Consultant. Courses are offered with CEs and CMEs, and comprise the TMH Institute Certificate Program. Courses are accessible 24/7 online, for your staff’s convenience.

Courses will be augmented by interlocking, 60-minute tele-consultations to engage your staff and allow them to immerse themselves with the design and implementation of your program.  These consultations are highly structured to help your staff make costly and potentially litigious errors in diagnosis, treatment, technology, billing and the cultivation of referral sources if needed. Consultation with your group is coordinated with their completion of assigned course training segments as described below to maximize use of staff’s time:

TMHI’s consultant will meet with your trained staff and carefully identified members of your referral network to deliver a day of professional training for all stakeholders if needed.

After your training, two private consultations will help finalize your strategic plan and get your program launched with your designated staff and TMHI. The purpose of these implementation meetings is to deal with developmental challenges that often may arise.

A full year of monthly follow-up contacts will occur with your designated staff members and your lead Consultant to make sure you remain on course to reach complete program success.

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