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Needing a technology “road map” to leverage both time and effort? Designed for hospitals, clinics, agencies, group practices and independent practitioners seeking either the fundamentals or advanced clinical, legal, ethical and practical applications in telemental health, including telepsychiatry, telepsychology, distance counseling, telespeech and language pathology and other teletherapies.

  • Develop a Specialization with the Industry Leaders (No Guesswork!)
  • Get Started Quickly, Easily & with Evidence-Based Protocols
  • Meet Legal & Ethical Training Requirements for Your licensing Board
  • No Need for Expensive Travel, Hotels or Conference Fees
  • Choose How Much You Learn (Self-Directed)
  • Enjoy a Variety of Text-based, Audio and Video Materials
    • Relate to Actual Clinical Vignettes
  • Find an Online Job (TMHI Employment Opportunities)
  • No Scheduling – Access Anytime, Anyplace
  • Use Any Device (Mobile Compatible)
  • Network Online with Like-Minded Colleagues from Around the World
  • Immediately Print Certificates from Your Printer
  • Support by Real People via Email, Chat & Telephone (We Care)

Courses Included in Certificate Packages:

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1. Introduction to TeleMental Health Theory and Practice Included Included
2. Telephone & Videoconferencing in Telepractice Included Included
3. Legal/Ethical Issues I: Rules, Regulations & Risk Management Included Included
4. Advanced Clinical Telepractice Issues (Handling Online Emergencies) Included Included
5. Legal/Ethical Issues II: Best Practices & Informed Consent Included
6. Six Fundamentals for Setting Up Your Video-Based Office Included
7. Telepractice Documentation Guidelines Included
8. Reimbursement Strategies: Increasing Authorization and Payment Included
9. Texting & Behavioral Health: Basic Do’s and Don’ts Included

Also Includes:

Hub Community Forum Included Included
One (1) Private Tele-Consultation Hour with TMHI Staff – a $275 value Included
Six (6) Group Tele-Consultation Hours – a $900 value Included
Informed Consent Agreement (Template) Included
Virtual Office Staff Hiring Agreement (Template) Included

Certificate packages give you more value for your investment!

Gold Certificate Training

As low as $120/mo

Without CE Hours


15 CE Hours


Platinum Certificate Training

As low as $159/mo

Without CE Hours


39 CE Hours


*Platinum monthly payment plans include 4% finance fee and additional 6-month access to coursework

No Risk – 100% 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Your Payment is Secured Authorize.net 100% Money-Back Guarantee MasterCard Visa


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The Gold Certificate training is best for ​you if you work within an agency setting that is already set up to legally and ethically practice telemental health. ​Your technology has been chosen, vetted, and installed by professionals and perhaps even your agency’s Information Technology (IT) staff. Your legal office has approved a full informed consent process and document for working with clients and patients. Your clinical staff has developed a well-defined emergency plan based on local community resources and an integrated response system is in place if an emergency arises at the client/patient site. Your supervisors know what might go wrong and contingency plans are in place. Your malpractice carrier is on board and you have the appropriate malpractice policy in place. Your billing staff already knows the appropriate telehealth billing codes, place of service designations and telehealth modifiers. You ​just ​need ​some basic ​legal, ethical and clinical information about how to think about what has been set up for you. You will benefit by the fundamentals as to help you think through the issues to see the bigger clinical picture and how it all ties together into delivering responsible, professional care. The ​​Platinum Certificate training is best for ​you if you need to do all the ​above on your own, without an IT department, legal office, billing staff or clinical staff or supervisors to help you think through the issues. The Platinum program will help you choose your technology, decide whether or not to use videoconferencing, email, text-messaging and other technologies; set up your virtual office​ and clinical protocols to ​follow current telepractice guidelines and learn how to get paid for your services.
  • Easily gain a comfortable, working knowledge of the evidence-base supporting the implementation of best practices for telepsychiatry (telepsych), telepsychology, distance counseling or online counseling, etherapy and online therapy (whatever you call it)
  • Enjoy an exciting, convenient eLearning environment to access courses anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection
  • All courses are self-paced, well-written and evidence-based, with summaries, checklists and clear “to-dos”
  • Courses offered in written form (text) with video and audio clips to illustrate key points
  • Popular webinars offered as Bonuses (not required)
  • 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee
  • The Gold Certificate Program is included in the Platinum Certificate Program.
  • You are invited to take the coursework in any order you deem appropriate, but they have been written sequentially to build on one another.
  • If you need a special package tailored to your needs, contact us.

  • Courses are available with or without CE Hours (See this page for disciplines approving CE and CME Hours through TMHI)
  • Take all courses and pass post-tests online
  • Print your Course Completion Certificate immediately at your own desktop for your licensing board

Absolutely. Coaches will greatly benefit from understanding legal, ethical, clinical and practical practice issues related to working with clients through various forms of technology – regardless of licensure. Coaches who are unlicensed are encouraged to purchase training without CE Hours.
Absolutely! Start with the Gold Certificate Package and add additional training. Write to us for pricing.
Upon purchase, you will receive 6 months access to your training, available 24/7. You will also receive unlimited access to the HUB Community Forum, where you could interact with the TMHI community to find more answers to your questions. If you need more time to complete your courses, extended access is available for a modest fee in additional increments of 6 months. To extended your access, go to telehealth.org/6-month-extension.
Accounts left unattended for more than one (1) year will be closed and may not be available for reactivation.

For your convenience, we offer a monthly payment plan option. After your initial purchase, your credit card will be set up to be charged for that payment amount on that same date for the remaining payments. Please note: Your entire course payment fee must be paid in full prior to receiving your certificate.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please inform us of credit card changes. As a courtesy, TMHI will make one attempt to contact you for a valid credit card number the first time your monthly payment fails to process because of a credit card change. Subsequent attempts will incur a $45 reinstatement fee. All access to TMHI will be suspended immediately upon credit card failures.

After completing the courses required, send us a note requesting manual verification of your certificate completion. If you have used the installment payment program, your entire course payment fee must be paid in full. Please give us 5 business days notice to complete your account verification.

World-Class Faculty & Guest Presenters

  • Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

    Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

  • Myron L. Pulier, M.D.

    Myron L. Pulier, M.D.

  • Joseph McMenamin, M.D., J.D.

    Joseph McMenamin, M.D., J.D.

  • Jonathan Linkous, M.B.A.

    Jonathan Linkous, M.B.A. CEO, American Telemedicine Association

  • Mario Gutierrez, M.P.H.

    Mario Gutierrez, M.P.H. Director, Center For Connected Health Policy

  • William Hudock, M.A.

    William Hudock, M.A. Senior Public Health Advisor, SAMHSA/CMHS

  • David Luxton, Ph.D.

    David Luxton, Ph.D. Research Health Scientist, Naval Health Research Center

  • Terry Burton, State Senator, State of Mississippi

    Terry Burton State Senator, Mississippi

  • Robert McGrath, Ph.D.

    Robert McGrath, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Farleigh Dickinson University

  • Jonathan Evans, M.A.

    Jonathan Evans, M.A. CEO, Innovatel

  • Shawna Wright, Ph.D., L.P.

    Shawna Wright, Ph.D., L.P.

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