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  • Lisette Wright, M.A., LP

    Lisette Wright, M.A., LP

ICD-10 / DSM-5 Coding, Documentation, and Clinical Diagnostic Criteria Training ©

MODULE II: Reading the New Road Map: Coding and Documentation Guidelines: ICD-10

Not sure where to go? This module will give you an easy-to-follow roadmap to quickly understand and use the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and HIPAA Compliant Coding and Documentations Guidelines required for ICD-10 billing and documentation. For example, of all the guidelines, only seven have direct impact on your practice. This module simplifies your navigation of these seven guidelines plus others now required of behavioral health/substance use practitioners. This module will take many needless detours and delays out of your planning for quick reimbursement when you submit your claims. (This module is a pre-requisite for subsequent modules.)

Learning Objectives

Participant will be able to:

  • Distinguish between Unspecified and Other diagnoses in the ICD-10
  • Give an example of utilizing the “Code First” rule
  • Determine if a chart note indicating “High on Drugs” is sufficient to substantiate an “acute, intoxication-state diagnosis”
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