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  • Lisette Wright, M.A., LP

    Lisette Wright, M.A., LP

ICD-10 / DSM-5 Coding, Documentation, and Clinical Diagnostic Criteria Training ©

MODULE III: ICD-10 Organizational Preparedness: Making Sure “All Systems Are Go”

Every provider needs to understand the business impact, vulnerable areas, and remediation strategies to utilize in order to comfortably minimize revenue cycle impact. This module will lead you through a robust business and systems analysis. It will help you understand several processes that you will be required to conduct for optimally utilizing ICD-10 in your practice. This module will help you prepare your practices for the ICD-10 transition, including assessing forms, EHR’s, electronic submission of claims, third-party contracts, and strategies for managing claims.

Learning Objectives

Participant will be able to:

  • Give an example of a business or system process that needs assessing for ICD-10
  • Verify if EHR vendors are taking care of the ICD-10 transition for you the customer
  • Know if successful claims testing means the insurance company will pay for the Diagnosis code
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