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Please enjoy the media kit supplied for you below. The Telebehavioral Health Institute, Inc. is the leading online telemental health training institute, devoted exclusively to addressing the emerging opportunities and challenges of telepsychiatry, telepsychology, online counseling, online therapy and coaching. Whether your interest is in legal, ethical, practical or technical issues, psycho-educational material development and marketing, professional website development or smartphone “apps” for working with colleagues or patients, we offer convenient, 24/7 access to courses for continuing education (CE) hours credit.

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Cutting-edge with inexpensive, timely and topic-focused 1-hour discussions will keep you up-to-date and fully informed by telephone or computer.
  • 1-CE available for up to 5 years

Individual Courses

Certificates and Courses

Familiarize yourself with specific telehealth issues and concepts on focused topic areas, with extensive glossary, bibliographies, links to dozens of resources and checklists to keep you organized.
  • Includes 1-year membership in our Community Forum
  • 3 or 6 CEs available for up to 3 years

Telehealth Summit

Telehealth Summit

We at the TeleMental Health Institute have distilled the key strategies and solutions of online delivery of Mental Health Practice into a 10-hour pre-recorded program, so you can listen at your convenience, wherever you want to be.
  • Audio recorded, listen on your computer or easily download this fast-paced, engaging and incisive information to any MP3 player, and be where you want to be
  • Complete your post-tests, course evaluations and print your own course-completion certificates at your convenience
  • Read PDF or KINDLE versions of transcripts immediately upon registration.
  • Earn 10 CEs for your efforts to stay informed
  • Sign up for the free mini-training video series.

Master Teleworkshops

Master Teleworkshops

nly want 6 LIVE hours devoted exclusively to Video Teleconferencing? This focused discussion group will answer your questions to help you anticipate problems before they happen. Start developing your VTC competence today. $1070 of training for $295!
  • LIVE, interactive online groups
  • Recordings of all meetings
  • Details of 50+ video companies
  • Many FREE Bonuses See details…


Dr. Maheu

Dr. Maheu is a leader in telemental health, online counseling and online therapy. For more than 20years, she has consulted with large health and mental health insurance companies, community clinics and centers, physician groups, universities, and independent practitioners. She not only is a strong proponant of online services, but has pioneered many efforts in support of telehealth since 1994.

For more information, see Dr. Maheu‘s faculty listing page.

Press and Interviews

American Psychological Association

American Psychological Association

A New Emphasis on Telehealth
June 2011, Vol 42, No. 6

Dr. Maheu Blog Review by David P. Diana

Dr. Maheu Blog Review

by David P. Diana

Dr. Maheu\'s response to the New York Times Article

Dr. Maheu’s response to the New York Times Article:

When Your Therapist Is Only a Click Away

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