Video Teleconferencing Companies Claiming “HIPAA Compliance”

HIPAA-Compliant Video CompaniesAs leaders in risk-management for telemental health (i.e., telepsychiatry, telepsychology, online therapy, distance counseling, telenursing, telespeech pathology), the TeleMental Health Institute is delighted to bring you a list of names and links to service companies which offer you:

  1. Video-conferencing services that meet the requirements for you to be HIPAA-compliant
  2. A signed “Business Associate Agreement” which is required by law, as per the HIPAA Omnibus Act (January, 2013)

Whose Job Is It?

Video service providers are not obligated to tell health providers about their professional obligations or related mandates. As HIPAA “covered entities” however, clinicians serving US citizens need to use technology that is complaint with all relevant state, provincial and federal laws. Providers in other countries must be compliant with relevant laws in the countries whose citizens they serve. For more information about these issues, you may want to consider taking TMHI courses or webinars to be sure you have mastered needed competencies related to legal, ethical and clinical risk-management issues before using any technology to serve clients or patients who rely on your professionalism.


HIPAA Compatibility or Business Associate Agreement

Cost per Month

Behavior Imaging Solutions Company claims HIPAA compliance Individual/starter/business packages ranging from $40-$400 per month.
CarePaths Company claims HIPAA compliance Varies: $5 to $37/month
Choruscall Business Associate Agreement
CloudVisit Telemedicine Company claims HIPAA compliance and offers Business Associate Agreement
Counsol Company claims HIPAA compliance Listing – $9.95/month
Standard – $29.95/month
Plus – $49.95/month
These prices are limited time offers.
Regular prices are $29.95, $54.95, and $69.95 respectfully Business Associate Agreement Free
Influxis Business Associate Agreement
Interactive Care Company claims HIPAA compliance
LifeView Not Clear
MedWeb Company claims HIPAA compliance
ReachHealth Business Associate Agreement
Revation Company claims HIPAA compliance
SBR Health HIPAA Compatibility or Business Associate Agreement $5-10k setup plus $200/mo/active user, 5 user minimum
Secure Telehealth Business Associate Agreement Individual Plans: Free & $25/month; Multi-User Plans starting at $150/month
Shepell fgi Company claims HIPAA compliance
Soltrite Company claims HIPAA compliance Multiple pricing options starting at $200/month
TeleHealth365, Inc Company claims HIPAA compliance Free secure Video Conferencing Room. No credit card required.
thera-LINK Business Associate Agreement $45/month unlimited use
$30/month for 5 sessions
Prices scalable for practices of all sizes
V2VIP Company claims HIPAA compliant “encryption” Varies – Begins at $19.99/month
VIA3 Business Associate Agreement $29.99/month
Vidyo Business Associate Agreement
Vitel Net Company claims HIPAA compliance
Vsee Business Associate Agreement Free – $299/month; $49/month
WeCounsel Not Clear

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Need More Video Training to Be Competent?

The TMHI staff has been working with video platform companies for more than 15 years. We have heard about their performance from thousands of clinicians and students. We have worked with many ourselves. It is from that experience-base that we are happy to offer the service that so many of you have requested. If you are shopping for a service and need to minimize trial-and-error, schedule a consult with a TMHI staff person today.

We’ll help you:

  • Identify the features you need to consider to treat your clinical population
  • Give you the names of at least 3 companies who can meet those needs and
  • Directly introduce you to our contacts in those companies to help you save time and get started immediately (within days in most cases)
  • Find CE Hour or CME training to more fully understand the underlying concepts needed to deliver your clinical work via video teleconferencing (VTC)
  • Find a suitable employment setting as a telepsychiatrist, telepsychologist, distance counselor, telemental health provider or other remote healthcare specialist

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* TMH Institute does not endorse any specific vendor, product or service depicted or described on our website or training materials. We do help you identify your needs and find companies who can best meet them. We also do not advise you to use any particular technology feature to the exclusion of any other features to serve any particular population. As the treating clinician, such choices ultimately must reside with you. We do offer you information about the evidence base, our experience, our knowledge of many service providers listed above and access to our coursework, white papers, blog and newsletter. We have partnerships with multiple companies and sometimes receive a fee for referrals. TMH Institute referrals and publications rely on the opinions of TMH Institute’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. TMHI disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to our consultation or coursework for your specific clinical purposes or its underlying research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness. Buyer beware and please do your own due diligence when it comes to researching service providers for health care purposes. Make sure they are in compliance with HIPAA at the time of your purchase by requesting their written BUSINESS ASSOCIATES AGREEMENT as required by law. Also note that your own state law may be more stringent than HIPAA. Obtain the advise and legal review of all service contracts by an informed, legal counsel in all states, provinces and countries you serve.

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