Lisette Wright, M.A., LP

Lisette Wright, M.A.Ms. Wright has over 20 years of experience in the health and human service industry. She specializes in Health Information Technology to help organizations with:
  • EHR selections and complex implementations
  • ICD-10/DSM-5 transitions
  • Coding and revenue cycle management
  • Meaningful Use program establishment and compliance
  • Strategic planning, and
  • Health Care Reform initiatives such integrated care models

Ms. Wright began her career providing clinical services in Minneapolis, MN at a community behavioral health centers. She is the author of the one-of-a-kind teaching curriculum titled: “ICD-10 and DSM-5: Coding, Documentation and Clinical Diagnostic Criteria” that focuses on helping coders and clinicians understand the requirements of the code sets and the CMS regulations. She is a frequently retained as national presenter on the ICD-10/DSM-5 and Health Information Technology initiatives. Her website can be found here; and she can be contacted here. For information about her ICD-10/DSM-5 training curriculum, see this ICD-10 training outline.

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