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Telehealth.org was the first and continues to be the leading interprofessional telehealth training institute worldwide. Many of the large, national and international professional associations, licensing and registration boards have encouraged their members to benefit from telehealth consultation and training through the many innovative and customizable programs offered by Telehealth.org.

  • Global reach of Telehealth.org Learners & Clients by country 51% 51%
  • Training satisfaction scores from program Learners 92% 92%
  • Approval success rate of telehealth training with CME & CE accrediting groups 100% 100% 100%

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A large community of professionals has been assembled to benefit from and contribute to Telehealth.org, inspired by its vision and leadership in researching, publishing, consulting and teaching many key issues in telehealth risk management and implementation efficiency. TBHI’s primary focus has been the legal, ethical, clinical and practical use of telehealth and other technologies.


In striving for excellence in both training and consultation, Telehealth.org has drawn some of the elite in telebehavioral health. Telehealth.org is honored to bring you a wide variety of programs from interprofessional and international telehealth leaders. All programs can be developed with core Telehealth.org staff and offered 100% online for your easy and affordable access.

Marlene M Maheu, PhD

Marlene M. Maheu, PhD has been a leader in telebehavioral health since 1994.

The Executive Director of the Telebehavioral Health Institute, she oversees the development and delivery of highly specialized continuing education in telebehavioral health (CE units approved by the American Psychological Association, the National Board of Certified Counselors and CME approved by the American Medical Association).

She has consulted with large health and mental health insurance companies, community clinics, physician groups, universities, technology companies and independent practitioners. She has been the author of five textbooks in telebehavioral health, is currently contracted to write two more, and speaks internationally on the topics of legal and ethical issues in telepractice using various technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

TBHI’s frequently asked questions can help you find your answers more quickly, particularly because they have carefully developed their responses over a decade. Telehealth.org encourages you to see if you can find what you need, but if you cannot, please contact Telehealth.org directly. TBHI’s business hours are 9-4 Pacific time, weekdays and they can be reached through their contact page.

Meanwhile, you may want to scan the many questions that Telehealth.org has answered in their FAQ, which you can see in its entirety by clicking below.

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Telehealth.org has chosen their partners, affiliates and sponsors because of the respect that they share with them.

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Telehealth.org is a community effort by the Telehealth.org community, for the Telehealth.org community. It has been operational since 2009 and highlights telebehavioral health industry news every week. More than 500,000 professionals worldwide receive it for free. To receive your weekly industry update, register here.

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Nursing Home Telemedicine & Telehealth in Nursing Homes: Do They Improve Care?

Recent events have further exposed shortcomings in nursing care, particularly in terms of how long it takes residents to see a physician, clinician, or prescriber. Studies suggest by utilizing nursing home telemedicine, waiting times can be reduced leading to significantly better outcomes including for behavioral health.

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Autism Telehealth: Viable Option for Treating Children With Autism?

With telehealth’s use on the rise, it has inevitably been increasingly used to reach out, diagnose, and treat children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Telehealth.org briefly discussed this movement back in 2020 in Route to Expanding State Telehealth Medicaid...
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Telehealth Coverage Update: 7  States Announce Changes to Telehealth Reimbursement Post-COVID

As emergency health executive orders begin to expire, we are starting to see changes in the expanded telehealth coverage and telehealth reimbursement. Check out this article to see if your state is one of the seven that have made changes in the past month.