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Telehealth Ad Sizes & Conventions

Pixel Sizes


    • Newsletter 600×108 (Landscape) [1200X200 or 2400X400 or any such size with 6:1 Ratio] Sidebar Ads

    • Sidebar 250×250 (Square)

Social Media

    • Twitter 1024×576 (Landscape)
    • Facebook 940×788 (Landscape)
    • Instagram 1080×1080 (Square)


How to Title Your Ads

    • BusinesswomanatcomupterNewsletter1200x200.jpg


    • does not allow animations. Please send all files in .jpeg


    • Consider’s color scheme before submitting ads. Colors that clash do not perform well. You are encouraged to select colors that complement rather than clash with our look and feel.
    • Also, after 3 decades of split-testing, has learned that ads with predominantly white backgrounds perform better with our audience than other background colors.

Final Approval

    • Your ad copy and layout need to be approved by in writing, including landing pages for all links.
    • Send your proposed ads to: