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Free Buyer’s Guide Listing

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Large Mix of Professionals for Your Sales Funnel

Large Mix of Professionals for Your Sales Funnel

Our audience members most often are administrators and clinicians who
work in hospitals, agencies, clinics, and group practices.
We create the perfect sales funnel for you.

Only Pay for Verified Leads!

Spend for Verified Leads Only

With more than 55 telehealth newsletters, you provide your targeted ads for insertion, and watch our leads knock on your door. No-risk advertising with verified monthly traffic.

Remarketing on Steroids!

Remarketing on Steroids

Once prospects click on your ad in our high-traffic newsletter or blog, they will also see your ad on our other newsletters & blog posts.

Advertising Options


Your Advertising Options

What does TBHI offer?


  • Dynamic Newsletter and Buyer’s Guide Advertising
  • Guest Blogging and Newsletter Articles (Available with Downloads)
  • Job Board and Blog Sidebar Advertising
  • Product Review Articles
  • Social Media Announcements
  • Press Releases
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Training Sponsorships
  • … and more!

Buyer’s Guide Categories


Clinical Email

Diagnostic Equipment

HIPPA Auditing and Compliance

Patient Engagement

Telehealth Attorneys


Billing Services

Cloud Storage


Home Telehealth

Practice Management

Telehealth Interpreting


Business Consultants

Collaboration Tools

Health IT Newsletters


Professional Training

Telephone Systems

Chronic Illness IT

Credit Card Processing

Health IT Security

Notary Services

Remote Patient Monitoring

Text Messaging

How you approach advertising to the Telehealth.org community is up to you. Choose any of Telehealth.org's packages to advertise anywhere you like, for as long as you like -- from a month to a year.

Telehealth.or seeks 3 Beat Testers to inform program development. Secure your discounted pricing today!

Having trained more than 50,000 providers for CME or CE hours, Telehealth.org's Faculty is known for providing responsible guidance on all things telehealth - including products and services.



TBHI is the leading national group on the application of psychology in Telehealth, online services and use of new technologies to support and expand your practice. James Bray, PhD Past President, American Psychological Association, Associate Professor at Baylor College of Medicine

Telehealth.org provided invaluable research and consultation to help us develop innovative telebehavioral solutions for one of our fortune 100 Hi-Tech clients. We were very impressed as were our clients.

Kevin Host, LICSW
Senior Director, Enterprise Services

TBHI is a true innovator in bringing technology to the mental health field. 

Dale Masi, PhD

President/CEO, Masi Research Consultants


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