Partner Program FAQ

Are your clients already beginning to talk about telemedicine, (telehealth, telepsych or telemental health) and the many ways they can use technology to an added revenue stream as they treat remote patients? Such groups could benefit from a complete TeleMental Health Training Program developed by industry leaders.

The TeleMental Health Institute’s Partner Program rewards you as our partner with commissions for all recurring payments made on accounts you refer.

Frequently Asked Partner Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive about our Partner Program:

  • How Does TMHI’s TeleMental Health Training Partner Program Work?

    When you become an partner, you will be given an partner URL. You then advertise your partner URL (just make sure you abide by our Partner Agreement).

    When a prospect visits your unique partner URL, they see the TMHI TeleMental Health Training home page, just as if they visited directly.

    When they order a TMHI account, that referral information is submitted automatically with their order, and you earn a commission on that sale. Our commission rate is 15% for TeleMental Health Training accounts.

  • How Do I Sign Up for an Partner Account?

    If you wish to promote TMHI’s TeleMental Health Training to clients, the first step is to sign up for an account.

    You will be provided with an partner number and our set password, which will give you access to a control panel with everything you need to get started on earning commissions.

    Note: If you are an existing customer wishing to promote the service, you will still need to sign up for the separate, free partner account.

  • What is My Partner ID?

    Your partner ID is a unique number assigned to you when you set up your partner membership – note that this is separate from your customer account!

    The TeleMental Health Blog team maintains a blog that can be of great use to partner looking to promote our Training Service and earn commission.

  • Is this Referral Process Legal and Ethical?

    Since our program does not involve clients or patients in any way, this process is 100% legal & ethical. These types of referral systems are used by very large and respected online vendors. Consider the partnership program (aka “affiliate program”) made popular by Amazon Books, where affiliates can earn from 5% – 10% for making book referrals to Such partnership systems are one of the primary ways online business is conducted today. We are delighted to be bringing the ease, convenience and profitability of such systems to you. By working with us as our partner, you create a win-win-win, where we, you and the professionals you refer to us benefit. This arrangement truely is technology working optimally to help us all.

  • As a Partner, How Can I Benefit From the TMHI Blog?

    Practitioner education is one of the best strategies for helping interested clients use the appropriate tools for telemental health services.

    The blog is a particularly valuable educational resource on email marketing for you because:

    The information published is offered entirely free

    It is regularly updated with up-to-the-minute information

    It has information on a variety of topics of crucial issues in TeleMental Health to keep readers engaged

    How Disseminating Our Blog Information Helps You Boost Partner Commissions

    By educating and engaging clients with information over a period of time, the blog can help to give them the confidence they feel they need to effectively market.

    In turn, when they place an order, their referring partner is credited for the sale along with any additional recurring payments made on the account, and with suggestions that help to maximize results, the blog helps to build lifelong clients that facilitate these repeat payments.

    How You Can Promote the Blog As a Partner

    There are three ways you can effectively promote the blog:

    Using a widget to have articles automatically published to your website(s)

    Within the partner control panel, there is an option under the “Blog Headlines On Your Website” to copy and paste some HTML into a website, which will automatically list links of to the most recently published blog articles as they are published.

    Promoting individual articles through links including an partner ID

    There may be some specific articles or categories partners judge as particularly interesting to certain a target prospect or prospects. In this case, the articles can simply be linked to using the article’s address following by the affiliate ID.

    The URL address of a linked category might look something like this:

    …where “000000” is replaced with the partner ID.

    Encouraging prospects to request to receive the blog updates by email

    The best way to keep blog readers engaged is to send them information when new articles are published, rather than hoping they will regularly check for new articles.

    You can take advantage of this opportunity to engage readers by linking to our blog updates sign up page with their partner ID appended to the end of the URL address.

    The URL address of the linked sign up page would look something like this:

    …. where “000000” is replaced with the partner ID.

Still Have Questions?

If after reading this article you still have questions, contact us for a personal response by email.

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