Earn a Commission for Your Referrals

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How the TBHI Affiliate Program Works

  • Register at no cost or to you or your organization.
  • Earn a commission for each referral to the TBH training or BCTP certificate (or pass the savings on to your members if you are a membership organization).
  • Confidently refer to cutting-edge, up-to-date, evidence-based information.
  • Manage your own risk by helping colleagues learn solid risk-management skills.
  • Know you are referring to a highly respected and trusted organization developed by industry leaders.
  • Earn the respect of colleagues who will appreciate your pointing them toward hard-to-find, actionable information
  • Easily distribute our professionally-prepared promotional materials without the guesswork of campaign development (wordsmithing — or making web-ready images of your own).
  • Every time someone purchases any or all of TBHI’s professional training, they will be recognized by our shopping cart as your referral, and you will be sent an email notification.
  • You will be paid a referral commission monthly (which is 100% legal and easy)! 
  • Relax by knowing that all your referrals will be treated with excellent and cheerful customer service, PLUS they will enjoy a 30-day guarantee if they are dissatisfied for any reason.
  • Return to this page on a regular basis to see your profits and check for new campaigns. All links, ad campaigns, sales data, charts and payouts are available below. The TBHI affiliate system will do all the rest to keep you fully informed every step of the way.
  • Once approved, your name will be added to our monthly in-house newsletter, which will notify you when we have published new campaigns. It will also give you the link to this page so that you can quickly and easily remember to return.

How to Qualify As a TBHI Affiliate

Qualifying for the TBHI Affiliate Program is as easy as a pie!
  • Demonstrate that you have at least 1,000 professionals in your list or database. Instructions will be sent to you via email after you register below.
  • Attest that your list has been acquired legally.
  • Once you are approved, just put our professionally prepared ad campaigns in your email notes to your list or post on your website, along with the unique identifier code link.
  • Legally, you must be transparent and let your audience know that you are earning a small referral fee if they purchase any TBHI training or BCTP certificate programs.
  • We provide everything else you need, including banner ads, tweets, written newsletter or blog announcements and much more.
  • Once you return to this page to log in, you will have full access to your unique affiliate link to use everywhere, including your social media.

Your Affiliate Partner account information is submitted automatically with each order through the TBHI shopping cart. That’s it! Easy as pie…

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