If you are working from home or have an office space, having the right furniture is imperative. With the unfortunate surge of Covid-19 cases around the world, plenty of people are forced to work remotely from home. Having the right home office desk, where you can organize your work essentials, can boost productivity. With a lot of work done online, having a home office desk is highly beneficial. Whether you are searching for a sleek budget-friendly desk or looking to utilize the space in your room efficiently, we have got it all covered in this article. Our experts have created a list of the best home office desks to make your workspace look elegant and help you work efficiently from the comfort of your home.

How to Buy a Home Office Desk

Finding a desk suitable for your job and workspace is essential as it helps you work efficiently and effectively. When deciding which home office desk to buy, one should keep a few factors in mind. Analyzing the room’s layout is of utmost importance while buying a home office desk, especially if you aim to create a functionally viable space. If you want to utilize a smaller area effectively, then an L-shaped desk is the best. It would not swallow the room as compared to a rectangular desk and would give it a commodious feel.

Similarly, depending on your work’s nature, you could go for a desk with drawer compartments or shelves to help you organize all your folders and files accordingly. Maximizing comfort begins with the right posture. Sitting on a desk for hours in a slumped position can cause body ache, most commonly back pain. If you don’t want your work to take a toll on your physical and consequently mental health, you can also go for an adjustable standing desk. While these are some of the key aspects, you should consider while buying a home office desk. Some minute details should not be ignored for an optimal solution for all your workspace needs.

Build Quality and Sturdiness

A desk that is long-lasting and made from the best quality material is surely what anyone would want. After all, you are paying for a product, so why not have something of the highest standard.

Easy To Assemble

We have all spent hours staring at the instruction manual in bewilderment as we try to figure out where a certain piece fits in the furniture we just ordered. To save time and hassle, look for a desk that is easy to assemble.


A portable, lightweight desk is ideal for those who love to rearrange the room. When renovating your workspace, if you realize, “Hey, this desk looks better in that corner rather than here” and you don’t have anybody to help you out, a lightweight desk will be easy to carry without requiring much effort.

Cord Management

Depending on the nature of your work, you might need space to pass the cords connected to your laptop or desktop computer or an outlet through which you can connect all your devices. In this case, it is vital to opt for a functional desk that fits your needs, so you don’t have to go through any hassle later on. It also organizes the mesh of wires that becomes an eyesore in an otherwise appealing set-up.


Depending on your design preference or room space, the right desk can set the tone for your workstation. After all, nobody would want a dull workspace.

5 Best Home Office Desks of 2021

Best Computer Desk

TOPSKY Computer Desk

The compact and lightweight Topsky computer desk is one of the best available in the market. A reasonable price tag of around $139 offers shelves for storage and a fluid personal workspace. Crafted from synthetic, engineered wood, the Topsky S-205 is a long-lasting and durable model with a laminated finish in an Industrial/rustic brown color. With a stable cross structure made from powder-coated iron, this desk’s build quality is noteworthy as it will stay intact for years to come maximizing durability.

The Topsky S-205 is more than what meets the eye as it provides ample storage space without taking up much room. With two multifunction shelves on both sides, you can keep your CPU, if need be, along with all your files and binders, in one place. It consists of a 46.5 inches long monitor stand that would not only house your monitor but your speakers or a small printer as well. It also has a 23.2-inch sliding keyboard tray, positioned 2.8 inches below the waist, allowing you to work in the right posture reducing fatigue.

All the tools for assembling the home office desk are provided in the package, and it takes an hour at maximum to put together. All you need is a screwdriver, and you are good to go. Weighing only 50 pounds, it is comparatively light and easy to move around. The only downside is that there is very limited leg-room due to its compact design and no outlets for cords to pass through this home office desk. Overall, it offers great value for money with everything from space to sturdiness and durability.

Best L-Shaped Desk

Casaottima L Shaped Desk

If you want to make the best use of space in the corner of a room, then opt for the Casaottima L-shaped desk. A highly sturdy frame made of metal with the desk itself made from MDF sheet, it offers great durability. The X-shape design provides greater stability as well as style. Available in a versatile black color, it will complement any aesthetic you want. The abundance of space is what defines this impeccable home office desk. It has two table-tops, each 51 inches wide, suitable for keeping more than one monitor along with other accessories.

It is primarily made for gamers and features a removable monitor shelf installed on the left or the right. This shelf is big enough to keep a monitor, small printer, or speakers if need be. While the desk is a bit large, it weighs only 39 pounds and is considerably light. It also features adjustable footpads to avoid wobbling on uneven surfaces. Assembly is relatively straight-forward and easy; however, customers occasionally complained about a missing part or a manufacturing fault in the desk’s leg. In conclusion, if you are a gamer or someone whose work requires operating more than one monitor, this home office desk is for you.

Best Computer Desk with Hutch

Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch

A functional addition to almost any home office setup, the Sauder Harbor View computer desk is crafted from the finest oak. Coupled with a salt oak finish, it offers high durability and resistance. The Sauder Harbor desk features a keyboard and a mouse tray with metal runners. It also features three drawers for storing all your work essentials. The lower drawer comes with extension slides to hold hanging files to keep them neatly organized in one place. It also features cubbyhole storage compartments, which creates an extra storage area without occupying a lot of space. The storage area behind the detailed louver door holds a vertical CPU tower with an adjustable shelf. It also contains cord cutouts for the monitor and CPU, which also act as ventilation shafts for the CPU.

However, the weight of the desk is on the high end of the spec sheet that is a whopping 185 pounds. It is shipped in two large boxes and takes almost 3 to 4 hours to assemble. With a 62.25 inch width and 57.36-inch height, this home office desk is certainly not for people who have limited space. Though it is not a showstopper, it is an elegant piece of furniture with an exquisite finish. In conclusion, with over 1,221 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5-star rating, this desk comes with a reasonable price tag. It is a must-buy for those who have ample space and want to organize all their files neatly in one place.

Best Writing Desk

Coleshome Computer and Writing Desk

A sleek, minimalist, and compact design, the Coleshome Computer and Writing desk is one of Coleshome’s highest-rated products. A contemporary look coupled with four different colors to choose from is the perfect choice for writers. The desk is available in four different sizes. Thick metal frames made from powder-coated iron ensure high stability and sturdiness. It is made from engineered wood with a wood grain finish that is anti-scratch and waterproof. The table’s structure can easily support heavy objects and has adjustable foot-pads that keep it steady on uneven surfaces.

With a 29-inch height, this home office desk offers a lot of legroom and ample space to keep your computer or stationery. Unlike others, however, it does not feature any cabinets or extra storage space. The desk is fairly simple to assemble, and all you need is a screwdriver. All in all, a spacious workspace and high weight capacity give you the freedom to arrange your laptop/monitors or books in any way that suits you best.

Best Modern Desk

HSH Rustic Computer Desk

Stylish and modern design with an industrial finish, the HSH rustic computer desk is more than what meets the eye. Its firm structure, along with a wide tabletop, provides sufficient space to organize your laptop, writing material, or gaming gears. Weighing only 39 pounds, this considerably lightweight desk features high-end craftsmanship and offers maximum utility.

The K-shaped metal legs made from heavy-duty MDF steel make it extremely sturdy. Due to this, it can also easily support heavyweight objects of around 300lbs. The desk is relatively the easiest to assemble as it takes around only 30 minutes to put together fully. Pleasing to the eye, this sophisticated table is a versatile piece of craftsmanship that would supplement any aesthetic you choose.

However, according to the customer reviews, one downside is that the textured finish on the table makes it difficult for the customer to work for long periods of time. Overall, if you are looking to make the most of a compact space in your room or studio, then this home office desk offers great value for money.