Working from the comfort of your home on your couch sounds appealing and relaxing. However, sitting for extended periods can have detrimental health effects. People whose jobs require sitting in front of a computer screen can find relief when standing and working. It not only helps in maintaining a good posture and reducing back pains but also helps boost productivity. You don’t need a massive overhaul to change your workstation from a sitting to a standing one. If you require something convenient and easy to put up, then look no further. Our list of best standing desk converters will help you transition from a simple desk to a standing desk smoothly.

Why Should You Choose a Standing Desk Converter?

In our previous article, we focused on why one should buy a standing desk. This article aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge you need before buying a standing desk converter. Standing desk converters are often considered as options due to their low prices. The quality and functionality of each vary accordingly. However, you can find converters for as low as $25 or as high as $500. It all depends on your budget. With a converter, you can keep your current desk without changing the layout of the entire workspace. Not to mention the hours spent on assembling your existing desk. Standing desk converters are not only easy to assemble, but there are also numerous models available on the market that may fit your current design. Whatever type of desk you have, finding a converter to go with it shouldn’t be a difficult task. If you’re someone who has dual workspaces, for example, an office and a home workspace, buying two different standing desks would cost an arm and a leg. Standing desk converters, on the other hand, offer portability. Most converters are a single, flat surface that can be carried easily. With the massive variety and functionality that converters have to offer, you are sure to find one that fits all your needs.

How to Choose a Standing Desk Converter

Build Quality

Durability and sturdiness are fundamental factors to consider when buying a standing desk converter. Are the design parts of good quality? Is the design structure sound? These are the questions raised when looking for a converter. Cheap plastic parts will last for much less time than their counterparts. That is why converters with short warranties and cheap materials should be avoided as they get damaged easily.


Weight capacity is essential when choosing a converter. A standard converter can easily house a monitor and a keyboard. However, if your work requires you to place something heavier or have more than one monitor, then having a desk that can lift that amount of weight is imperative. Since portability is also a necessary function of a converter, the more lightweight it is, the easier it is to carry around.


Ergonomic features in converters are becoming prominent every day. And while keeping ergonomics in mind, height adjustability comes into play. It takes a lot of effort to find one that fits the dimensions of one’s body. Knowing the maximum and minimum adjustable height can be a crucial difference in keeping yourself healthy in the long term. If you still have to slouch when standing and working due to the converter being too low, then it can cause more problems in the long run. Hence, it is vital to find a converter that fits your height so it is not detrimental to your physical health.


Buying a suitable converter can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Apart from the factors mentioned above, choosing the right type of converter can make your workspace look more appealing. Depending on the type of workstation you want, you can select from the countless styles and colors available on the market.

5 Best Standing Desk Converters in 2021

Best Standing Desk Converter

FlexiSpot 32-inch Standing Desk Converter

With over 5000+ reviews and an economical price tag, the FlexiSpot 32-inch is one of the best converters available. A compact converter with four different size variants makes it compatible with any desk. The converter offers a spacious workspace with a keyboard tray and desktop. It also consists of an integrated monitor mount grommet giving you space to place a laptop or necessary documents.

However, its lift mechanism is the star of the show. Its high-powered gas springs offer a smooth, seamless transition from sitting to standing. The height adjustability varies from 4.7 inches to 19.7 inches. With the top crafted from engineered wood and the base crafted from steel, the FlexiSpot is as sturdy as they come. A stable and braced X-lift structure provides one with a weight capacity of around 37lbs. Even under maximum load, the chances of this desk dropping into position are close to none.

In conclusion, the FlexiSpot is a real find if you’re looking for a compact desk to fit in your workspace. It offers great value for money. It is easy to set up, comfortable to use, and works for almost all work from home or office setups.

Best Budget Standing Desk Converter

Vivo 32-inch Desk Riser

If you’re on a budget and looking for a premium quality converter, then the Vivo 32-inch desk riser is the one for you. Unlike others, it does require some assembly. However, as reported by users, it takes a mere 5-10 minutes for it to assemble and be ready to use. With a height adjustment range from 4.5 inches to 20 inches, this desk is ideal for crowded workstations. It features a height locking mechanism that makes it easier to set the height and extends straight upwards.

A stable dual-tiered design offers up to 33lbs of desktop weight capacity with an additional 4lbs if you attach the keyboard tray. You can easily harbor dual monitors or laptops as the desktop provides ample space. Considering the low price point, the Vivo riser has a durable finish that doesn’t feel cheap. It can help you build an ergonomic setup that is perfect for a healthy and energetic work life.

While the Vivo does compromise quality in some areas to keep the price tag low, its shortcomings are not very noticeable. The verdict? For a price tag of about $160, finding a converter with better quality is almost impossible.

Best Ergonomic Standing Desk Converter

Ergotron Workfit TL

An ergonomic professional-grade design, the Ergotron WorkFit-TL is one on the high-end of the spec sheet. Crafted from high-quality, industrial-grade metal, it includes a 5-year warranty and a sturdy structure. The Workfit-TL is for users with large workspace set-ups who want an easy way to transform their desk into a sit-stand station. You can switch between sitting and standing by merely lifting a paddle. It offers height adjustability of up to 15 inches, and the transition is smooth and balanced.

The converter offers a weight capacity of 33lbs. It comes pre-assembled and ready to use right out of the box. Just place it on your existing desk, and you’re ready to go. However, it’s the minute details that make it the star of the show. It features zip ties and cable management to keep all your wires neat and organized. On top of that, it comes in black or white color, with a finish that is not too slippery.

While the Ergotron-TL does come with a hefty price tag, it is a stable and solid platform. Its high-range of height adjustability means you can maintain a neutral and ergonomic posture. The monitor can be kept at eye level comfortably. It does not protrude beyond the desk and hence, you can keep the monitor at a safe distance away from your eyes to reduce strain. All in all, the Ergotron WorkFit-TL is made with the finest materials while also maximizing utility.

Best Standing Desk Converter for Multiple Screens

VariDesk Pro Plus 36

VariDesk is one of the most popular brands in the standing desk market space. And its latest product, the VariDesk Pro Plus 36, has become a staple product for users looking for a reliable converter. When considering aesthetics, the VariDesk boasts a smooth and superior laminate finish. It gives you the freedom to rise to 17.5 inches from your desk with 11 different height settings. Crafted from the highest quality materials, it has a sturdy and stable structure that keeps wobble to a minimum.

The VariDesk offers two tiers of spacious workspace. The upper tier, which is 36 inches wide, can house up to two monitors, a laptop, and a notebook. The lower tier is more or less like a keyboard tray but can hold a keyboard and a mouse quite easily. All in all, the VariDesk is a flexible and well-crafted workstation from one of the best industries. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the 5-year warranty ensures you get longevity with the purchase. If you don’t have space to buy an entire desk, then the VariDesk is a strong option that you should consider.

Best Electric Standing Desk Converter

Apex ZT Series

An electric converter with a powerful electric motor, the Apex ZT series can hold up to a whopping 90lbs of weight! With a simple push of a button, convert any traditional desk into a standing one. The Apex ZT series offers height adjustability from 5.7 inches up to 18.1 inches. Along with a motor for lifting the desk, it also comes with an integrated USB charging port. It requires no installation and hence, all you have to do is place it on the desk and voilà.

Constructed from MDF and steel, it features a similar two-tier design. The upper-tier measuring 36×24 inches can hold up to two monitors. The lower tier is a large retractable keyboard tray. Available in three elegant wood finishes, you can pick and choose from any color that complements your office décor. The Apex ZT series offers a luxurious and ergonomic workspace. It has a weight capacity three times than that of an ordinary converter. A solid and steady structure with the added benefit of an electric operation, the Apex ZT series is one to look out for.