While the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) released a critical state policy report which identifies existing policy barriers that impede the use of telemental and behavioral health, many behavioral professionals are unaware of the availability of this important document. Dedicated to advancing all healthcare disciplines through telehealth, the American Telemedicine Association developed this particular document intended to enable patient and psychologist choice for quality health care services.

To facilitate understanding of the variations in state psychology board practice standards and their relative accommodation of telehealth tools, the American Telemedicine Association graded each state with a common letter grade of A, B, C or F based on three specific criteria including: psychologist-patient encounter, informed consent, and licensure & out-of-state practice. States receiving an “A” grade suggesting a supportive policy landscape that accommodates telemental telehealth adoption.

The top states include:
• Mississippi
• Missouri
• Nebraska
• Nevada
• Oklahoma
• Texas
• West Virginia
• Wisconsin

Click to access the ATA’s free Telemental Health Report Card