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Mindfulness Bell Mobile App
Mindfulness Bell Mobile App
Mindfulness Bell Mobile App


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Developer: Mindful Apps
Description: This app is a stress management tool, which helps you learn to use mindfulness practice techniques for stress control and relaxation.







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This app is a stress management tool, which helps you learn to use mindfulness practice techniques for stress control and relaxation.

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This app can be used as a tool for you to learn stress reduction and improved focus through mindfulness meditation. Preference settings allow you to customize your experience, and the app can be used anytime and anywhere you feel the need to meditate and focus, or be reminded to do so throughout the day. If you see a therapist, he/she may use this app in the office during the therapy session, as it has been used by therapists to start the session with their clients by having you meditate before talking about your issues.


The instructions are easy to follow, and the extent of the hand-eye coordination needed is to be able to choose the settings for the bell ringing. Setting options include turning the bell on/off, showing the bell when it rings, show the bell icon in the status bar when it is active, volume, mute with calls, and frequency of ringing throughout the day. The developers recently added the option for “vibrate” in quiet environments, which gives a Morse-code-like signal to remind you to meditate. The app does not use much of you device’s battery, since it is not continuously running.


The app can be used on multiple devices, and the exercises do not need to be shared between devices. There is no data to be input, nor is there any need to transfer information between devices or people. The app operates independently on each device to which it is downloaded.


This app does not require any kind of personal information or sensitive data to be entered, stored, or submitted; therefore, there are no privacy (HIPAA) issues involved. You do not have to worry about privacy or hiding screens from onlookers.


This app’s functions and exercises are based on extensive research on mindfulness and stress management conducted by the developers, as well as ancient practices in the Buddhist tradition made popular through the works of the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hahn, and many other practitioners of the skills. A direct link is provided to the developer’s website, mindful-apps.com; however, at this time the server was unavailable. The developers stated in their introduction to the app that you are able to read published research related to the app’s ability to function as stated in the description.


This app is a portable meditation studio, which you can use anytime, anywhere. It gives reminders throughout the day, based on your selected settings, to take a brief moment to relax and focus your thinking in a meditative way. With practice, you develop an automatic response when you hear the bell ring, and become more proficient and comfortable with practicing mindfulness.


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Karen Wall, MA, RN-BC, BSN
Ms. Wall is a Psychiatric Registered Nurse with the VA at Palo Alto. Her duties include educating nurses, clinicians, and patients about technology to assist with mental health.


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