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Developer: The National Center for Telehealth & Technology (T2)
Description: This app was originally developed by the Center for Telehealth & Technology (T2) for military and veteran clients to keep track of their moods and levels of stress daily; however, anyone can use this app.







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This app was originally developed by the Center for Telehealth & Technology (T2) for military and veteran clients to keep track of their moods and levels of stress daily; however, anyone can use this app.

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This app has different categories of emotions and feelings which you can customize to your needs. Past users have said they could “edit it to exactly fit what I want to track”.


You can follow instructions in the settings to add or edit categories, set reminders for the day to check in, and send your data anonymously to your provider if you wish. Each behavior/mood is rated using easy sliders that go from an undesirable feeling to a desirable feeling. When you are done, you select results and the app shows the graphed results. The only real hand-eye coordination needed is to move the slider from left to right on the rating scale. Data is automatically backed up to your device’s SD card or memory. Under “settings and support”, you can find specific instructions and help information. This app was developed with decreased mental ability in mind (TBI), so it was made to be easy to use and understand.


This app has to be set up separately on each of your devices, and the data is not shared automatically between devices. The app does allow for transfer of a saved data file to another location in case the device is lost or unavailable.


This app gives you the option to set security on your profile to protect your personal information and data. IF you choose to share your data with your provider, you can create a report and send it securely and anonymously to your provider. Because the app was developed within the DoD, information protection is a priority.


The National Center for Telehealth & Technology is the agency under the Department of Defense that has been researching extensively the efficacy and development of innovative technology for use in mental health.


Using this app, you are able to enable security and set a PIN and security questions for access. The app has an easy to follow “help” section if you need assistance with any of the functions. This app was introduced in 2013, and has been used throughout the DoD and VA with active duty and veteran patients with psychological problems as well as traumatic brain injuries.


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About the Author

Karen Wall, MA, RN-BC, BSN
Ms. Wall is a Psychiatric Registered Nurse with the VA at Palo Alto. Her duties include educating nurses, clinicians, and patients about technology to assist with mental health.


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