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TBHI is excited to invite you to have your program approved as a Board Certified Telehealth Program (BCTP®)


Criteria for this program designation include the following:

  • 100% of your clinical telehealth staff are qualified by the Telbehavioral Health Institute with one of three certificates: BCTP®-I, BCTP®-II, or BCTP®-III or comparable achievement as documented below.
  • All supervision staff have passed the Evidence-Based and Practical Telesupervision Digital Workshop with at least 80% success rate.

If your clinical staff is not fully trained and certified with a BCTP® designation, please submit a narrative description of how you administer and supervise the uncertified staff members to be assured that they are fully aware of and compliant with evidence-based care and that such evidence-based care is reflected in their documentation.

Once approved, your organization will be awarded the BCTP® certificate below:

To apply for this program, please send your information HERE.