BCTP™ Credential Maintenance

Your Board Certified Telehealth Provider (BCTP™) credential is valid for three years, as long as you comply with the Telehealth Institute’s (TI’s) policies and procedures. To maintain your credential, you must re-credential after five years. The image below outlines the required steps:


Please click the relevant topics below to see how to maintain your BCTP™ credential:

Telehealth and the use of a variety of other technologies is the most rapidly evolving area of healthcare. You then,  are required to participate in at least three continuing medical education (CME) or continuing education (CE) clock hours every year, with a minimum of 15 CME/CE hours related to some aspect of using telehealth or technology with clients/patients annually. To maintain a record, please download the TI CME/CE log sheet; retain copies of your certificates of completion (dates, titles, providers, hours awarded, approving group) or potential verifiable evidence of verification other approved activity verification.TI conducts random audits yearly.

For courses from the Telebehavioral Health Institute, Inc. (TBHI), our sister organization, please check their webpages for quick 1 or 2 hour webinars that are live or on-demand, or 3 and 6 hour eLearning courses. Either option will take you to in-depth listings of telehealth and technology options that are available to you 24/7 through their eLearning training platform at a 20% discount because of your TI credential. Contact TI for your annual discount code by emailing here.

On the anniversary of initially being credentialed, you will be asked to update your contact information, attest to any disclosed and pay the $40 annual renewal fee.

  • It is your responsibility to notify TI of any changes to your street address, email address or phone number.
  • Credentialing payment confirms your agreement to comply with all TI policies and procedures, including adherence to the BCTP™ disclosure requirements. Those requirements will ask you to describe any issues that might reflect upon your legal status as a professional, including criminal, legal, and disciplinary actions taken against you or your license if your country requires licensure. In addition, if any such actions occur with your status during the year, TI requires applicants and credential professionals to disclose any criminal, legal, or disciplinary issues within 60 days. Let us help you —  disclosure is your best option.
  • Licensure. You must obtain full licensed status with five years of application if you work in any areas that require local licensure. For example, if you live in the United States and work with Japanese citizens in Japan as a psychologist, you must have passed the Japanese psychology licensing exam and hold a valid Japanese psychology license.
    • On the other hand, if you are delivering telehealth in a geographic country that does not require licensure for your discipline; and you are licensed as a clinician in the United States, you must be able to submit a written statement from your own licensing board verifying that you have informed them of your foreign professional service delivery and are operating legally regarding the rules of your board.
    • Lastly, if you are unlicensed and work in a country where your board does not require licensure, then you will be asked to sign an attestation statement to that effect.
  • Upgrades for Full Licensure. If you were under supervision for licensure at the time of application for your BCTP™ credential, just submit a copy of your active full licensure during your first five-year re-credentialing period, which started when you obtained the final course completion certificate from TBHI. Another option is for you to submit proof of a current, active status credential as described under the BCTP™ requirements.
    • Failure to verify full licensure or eligible credential will result in the expiration of your BCTP™ credential.
    • To establish an active status, you will be asked to submit a reinstatement application, pay a reactivation fee and meet all reinstatement requirements.
  • Expiration. Your BCTP™ credential will expire if you let it lapse without sending proof of having completed at least 3 CEs annually, along with your annual renwal fees.
    • A $45 reinstatement fee will be required in addition to an annual $40 fee to reinstate your credential
  • Audits. TI randomly audits a percentage of BCTP™ credentialed professional to verify their CME/CE hours by submitting written proof of having met the annual requirement for 3 CME or CE hours.
    • Notices are sent via surface mail to professionals in the United States and Canada. Professionals in other countries are notified via email. If audited, you will be required to submit documentation of three CME/CE hours each year with your signed re-credentialing statement electronically or by surface mail.
    • Failure to respond to a written audit request within 30 days will lead cancellation of your BCTP™ credential and removal from the Trademarked, digitally accessible database available here.  See this page for how to reactivate an inactive or expired BCTP™ credential.
  • Continuing Medical Education or Continuing Education Requirements. TI recognizes all  CME/CE Hours. To track clock hours for CME/CE from TBHI or any other group for your re-credentialing process, again, please download a CME/CE log sheet to use for tracking purposes. 
  • Re-credentialing. After each five-year period, a re-credentialing agreement must be reviewed, digitally signed, dated, and then submitted with the annual fee described above. It will simply ask you to attest to being compliant with your discipline’s ethical code.

Inactive Status

  • Reinstatement application is required if credential status becomes inactive due to the unpaid annual renewal fee and unverified CME/CE Hours. Reinstatement application should be submitted along with the $50 fee, payment of past due balance, and proof of CME/CE Hours completion.

Expired Status

  • Reinstatement application is required if credential status becomes expires due to unfulfilled credentialing requirements – annual fee, disclosure requirement, and CME/CE Hours. Reinstatement application should be submitted along with the $50 fee and payment of the past due balance. Furthermore, applicants should retake the online TBHI Telehealth Professional Certificate Training. Proof of completion in the current year required. You do not need to retake the comprehensive exam. Free access to the modules will be available.

To download the reinstatement application form, please contact us here.

  • You will receive a  written annual maintenance fee notice via U.S. mail from TI approximately six weeks prior to your renewal due date.
  • Please contact TI with any questions about this annual renewal notice.
  • To avoid a late fee of $10, please pay the annual maintenance fee by the due date.
  • Payment indicates you agree to adhere to the BCTP™ disclosure requirements. To re-credential in the fifth year, you will be required to sign the disclosure attestation that confirms your knowledge of and adherence to your discipline’s current ethical code.



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