BCTP Required Support Documents

BCTP™ Legacy Program

Thank you for your interest in TBHI’s new exciting designation, the TBHI Board Certified Telehealth Professional (BCTP. It offers many new features to not only help you be better equipped to work with patients and clients using a variety of technologies, but also help you be recognized for your expertise.

Interested professionals are invited to renew their designation for an additional three years 1) complete an easy online application 2) take an additional 9 CE hours of TBHI training of your choice and 3) pass a Qualifying Exam. Fees for the Application and Qualifying Exam are waived, and a 35% off coupon is available for your choice of any program listed. If you have already registered for additional training from TBHI in the last year, please email the support desk and upon review, you may receive credit for those course(s).

Transitioning to BCTP

Once you register for TBHI’s Qualifying exam you will have until October 1, 2020, to apply and pass the Qualifying Exam with a passing grade (80% or higher).

You are allowed to have up to three attempts at the Qualifying exam per year,  at a fee of $125 for each attempt beyond the complimentary exam given to you as part of the TBHI Legacy Transition Program.  You are encouraged to study your notes prior to taking the exam the first time.

To earn the required 6 hours of additional training, you can choose any program that you have not yet taken at TBHI. TBHI’s full training library has many selections, but many previous TBHI Certificate holders have asked for an intensive, interactive, in vivo, skill-building workshop. That training description can be seen here https://telehealth.org/skill/.

  • After completing the needed 6 hours of additional TBHI training to transition from your prior TBHI Legacy certificate, you can send an email to TBHI here. In response, you will be directed to TBHI’s application to take the BCTP Qualifying Exam.
  • Once you pass the Exam, you will have earned your BCTP Certification! You will be given a digital Certification file with a unique identifier code tied only to your account. The file is an image that you can print to proudly display in your office.
  • That digital Certification file is also available for you to display on your website, or to send to interested parties by email.
  • Next, you will be given attractive  BCTP digital badges to put into your social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to distinguish yourself in many of your professional profiles.
  • Both your Certification document and badges can link back to a TBHI-trademarked telehealth database, where interested parties can verify your status and full BCTP Certification.

The entire process can be completed in as little as 72 hours in most cases.

  • To add a telehealth cherry on top, you will be invited to create a formal listing in TBHI’s new Professional Directory, which will be free to you for the first year. The TBHI Professional Directory is heavily marketed through social media and will serve as an attractive page for potential employers and clients or patients to learn more about you, your services and your BCTP Certification.
  • Your BCTP Certification badge will be prominently displayed on your profile, letting the world know that you have passed TBHI’s rigorous criteria
  • The directory will allow you to list many other features of your telepractice as well.
  • TBHI’s Professional Directory can serve as the cornerstone of your telepractice marketing plan.

The Board Certified Telehealth Professional designation is valid for three years. Learners will be required to reinstate their credential by either completing an equivalency exam or completing 3 additional CME/CE hours for every year, for a total of 9 CME/CE hours per 3-year recertification period.

The fee for the TBHI Transition package for previous Legacy Certificate holders is waived until October 1, 2020. You are asked to pay for your recertification training if you graduated from a TBHI Certificate program prior to March 2017. Any course that you have not yet taken is available to you to combine for a total of 6 hours, regardless of how long ago you completed your training.

TBHI’s training has variable pricing, depending on your area of interest. An additional charge is levied if, for example, you initiate the BCTP process and request changes to your Micro Certification process after the initial purchase. The administrative fee is $45. All BCTP fees are detailed here. [PUT FEE PAGE LINK HERE.}

Current Telebehavioral Health Certificate holders of any TBHI Certified Telebehavioral Health Practitioner designation are required to change their designation three years after issuance. For example, if a professional earned the TBHI CTBHP designation on March 27, 2019, their current status is still valid until March 2022. However, the previous TBHI designation is being sunsetted and will no longer be offered for renewal. All current holders of this designation are therefore invited to apply for the new designation at no additional cost through October 1 of 2020.

  • Proof of telehealth training from the Telebehavioral Health Institute’s Level I or Level II Training Programs within two years prior to submitting the application for the BCTP™ credential. Any TBHI training obtained as a graduate student, trainee/intern, or as a licensed professional is acceptable.
  • Applicants who completed their TBHI Level I or Level II training prior to applying for the BCTP™ credential are allowed to apply if they undergo an additional three-hour course of training for every year since the previous TBHI training was completed. For example, a professional completing their TBHI Level I or Level II certificate four years ago can apply for the BCTP™ credential upon submission of their proof of TBHI Level I or Level II training, plus six hours of training available from these TBHI courses or these TBHI webinars.

All previous TBHI Certificates will be sunsetting after October 1, 2020. The database page currently open to the public to verify your current credential will be deleted.


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