Marketing Your BCTP™ Credential

After earning your BCTP™ credential, you may want to take the next step and market yourself as a BCTP™ credential holder. You have completed in ways that will show that you will there are a number of strategies and resources that you can use at a discount to market your services. The Telebehavioral Health Institute is marketing the credential internationally. To help you maximize the time and energy invested in your BCTP™ designation, TBHI has made a full 6 hours of legal and ethical marketing training to you. This course is offered online, 24/& through TBHI’s Digital Learning Center.

Learn how to legally and ethically market your services as a BCTP™ credentialed healthcare professional

COMPLIMENTARY  TBHI Professional Training for Active BCTP™ Credential Holders

BCTP™ credential holders can access TBHI’s popular Digital Marketing Workshop for Behavioral Professionals for FREE. Repeated every few years for the TBHI professional community, this popular course content is likely to be helpful to expand your thinking about how to develop your own plan for marketing your BCTP™ services.




You can learn:

Why does working as a behavioral or mental health entrepreneur make sense now? Which are best for you to develop online as an online entrepreneur? Which online format is optimal for your specific needs? Which are the topic areas most easily developed and marketed online? Where can you find the quickest, most relevant research base from which to draw when developing your materials? Which areas are potentially the most lucrative? How can programs be layered to easily feed each other with both content and marketing efforts over time? Where to get an easy-to-develop business plan? How do you identify the best format for your program: audio, video, text or a combination of them?
Not sure of the legal and ethical issues involved with digital marketing? Need to know where to get the right legal agreements for your online business? Why should smartphone and smart tablet “apps” be considered marketing devices rather than stand-alone products? What can be done in 2 hours time to gain exposure to over 150,000 professionals at once? What are the legal and ethical codes that rule such program development and marketing? On a more practical side, learn what to give away and what to charge for your program and spin-off products. Understand how to combine re-packaged information with new information, based on feedback from your users — and make even higher profits while delivering unparalleled value to program users. How do mHealth and smart devices play into programs for mental health?
Where are people going for their information in 2017? Do you need websites or blogs anymore? How do you need to portray yourself as a professional to make your products successful online? How can you keep your professional website both legal and ethical? Where to buy domain names, hosting accounts? Where can you go online to get the best, free legal advice for your website or blog? What size font, color, and layout are the most successful for behavioral and mental health clients and patients? How to choose a content management system that will make it easy and fun for you to create new pages and publish them immediately. How do you profit financially from a website or blog? What are the legal and ethical codes that rule such program development and marketing?
What’s the difference between a podcast and webinar? Does it matter? How to structure and develop your podcast or webinar. What are the five best functions of webinars? Which online vendor should you choose and why? Which webinar platform features are needed — and which are preferred? How much should the platform cost? How much content vs. promotion should be presented? Five ways a professional can monetize a webinar. What are the legal and ethical codes that rule such program development and marketing?
Five easy strategies to write an eBook in 3 months or less. Why eBooks are the way to go for most professionals rather than seeking to publish print books. How much does it cost to publish an eBook? How to include self-promotional material without looking unprofessional on your website. Where can you go for free or low-cost resources to build your products? What is a reasonable price-point for an eBook? Should eBooks include a CD? How much do CDs cost, and who ships them? What are the legal and ethical codes that rule telepractice marketing? What is a virtual book tour and how can you get involved? How do you easily create an audiobook from a Kindle version of an eBook?
Understand what’s coming next with video technologies, including iPads, iPhones, and other portable devices (Android, tablet PCs, etc.) Learn about social media trends, recording keeping guidelines and electronic health records (EHRs) and health homes. Glimpse the healthcare revolution that is occurring worldwide, and how you can position yourself and your clients/patients to benefit maximally. We are facing a brave new world. Make it yours!

How it Works

online marketing workshop

  • Where: 100% online, accessible by a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • When: Available 24/7 to review anytime for 6 months from registration date
  • What: Recorded event includes event access, presentation slides, TBHI Community Forum access, and 6 CME or CE Hours for most disciplines in most states

Learning Objectives

  • Define three (3) legal codes of relevance to digital marketing; creating self-help, psycho-educational or training program development by professionals on the Internet
  • Identify at least three (3) ethical codes of relevance to online marketing; creating self-help, psycho-educational or training program development by professionals on the Internet
  • Reference at least three (3) sources of low-cost labor to help with online program development and how to write ads to find such labor
  • Cite at least one (1) legal or ethical issue in developing a marketing page in Google+, Facebook, Yahoo Q&A, Pinterest, Yelp, YouTube or LinkedIn and other social media

TBHI Faculty

online marketing workshop

Marlene M. Maheu, PhD has been a leader in telehealth since 1994. In this Digital Marketing Professional Training, she will give you a peek behind the curtain to show you how she has maximized her time and energy, harnessed the energy of a volunteer workforce from around the world, and literally driven her professional institute to be the world leader in telebehavioral health. More importantly, she will show you how you can apply the very same techniques in your world as a hospital, clinic, agency, group or individual practitioner. For this Digital Marketing Bootcamp, she will also be building on information she presented at the 2015 American Telemedicine Association Conference titled,”Delivering Great Care, Getting Paid, and Avoiding Legal Problems,” where she focused on startup mistakes most often made by telemental health businesses. She is a master at getting to the point and answering your questions with clear, actionable, evidence-based suggestions that will move you to your goals, quickly, efficiently — and always in legal and ethical ways.

Digital Marketing Workshop for Behavioral Professionals Includes:

  • Recorded event
  • Presentation slides
  • Access to the power and interactivity of the most cutting-edge technology available today for learning (login is required)
  • Ability to take your post-test and course evaluation online
  • Access to TBHI Community Forum to ask related questions
  • Printable course completion certificate for your licensing board
  • Full customer support
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days!
  • This program is approved for 6 CME or CE Hours, applicable toward state requirements for Legal/Ethical Continuing Medical Education or Continuing Education. TBHI is approved by several CME or CE-approval providing groups to sponsor CME or CE Hours. This course does not qualify for Continuing Education hours for social workers. Please review our provider information at (We recommend you confirm with your licensing board that they accept our CME or CE provider status. If you have any questions, please contact us.)


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To obtain this course for free, write to the TBHI Customer Support Desk, identify yourself by name, status as a BCTP™ credentialed practitioner, and ask for a coupon.

* While social workers are not allowed to have continuing education hours, the other professions typically allow their licensees to earn 6 Continuing Medical Education (CME) or Continuing Education (CE) hours.

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