TMHI Behavioral Consultation for Health Care Start-Ups

TMHI Start-up Consultation Program

Need a content expert, or a team of content experts?

The TeleMental Health Institute (TMHI) is your 1-stop shop to meet behavioral content experts, strategic partners, and consumers. Whether you are bootstrapping it, in your final round of funding, or already a profit-making company, TMHI has the specialty consultation that you need for behavioral program start-up, including program conceptualization and modeling, strategic planning, partnership identification, software design and development, and implementation. Whether you are a medical play looking to expand into the behavioral space as a new vertical, or a straight behavioral program looking for strategic partners to bring new opportunities to your company, you will benefit from TeleMental Health Institute’s knowledge of legal and ethical issues, successful business models and wide range of seasoned business partners and other contacts to help you quickly and inexpensively conceptualize your models and scale your products and services.

TMHI offers you a one-stop consulting opportunity to get you focused and implemented in  as little as 3 – 6 months. During that time, we will help you by

  • Identifying your company’s opportunity in the behavioral space to develop your behavioral vertical
    • Assessing and understand your company’s particular needs
    • Crafting a marketing plan that captures the size and quality of the behavioral opportunity
    • Staffing your Advisory Board with clinical experts who are willing to work for equity
    • Quickly gaining command of the legal and ethical principles governing behavioral health and the use of various technologies
    • Understanding telemental health, wearable, sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) services that have an evidence-base
  • Staffing so you can hit the ground running
    • Identifying and hiring a well-respected Medical or Clinical Director
    • Hiring a clinical workforce to deliver evidence-based telemental health using a variety of technologies
    • Training your workforce to understand their legal and ethical mandates, document their services appropriately and understand clinical issues
    • Finding an experienced legal team to bullet-proof your technology solutions to meet international, national and state requirements
    • Successfully recruiting and incentivizing strategic partners who’ll bring software and hardware solutions to save valuable time when going to market
  • Financing to improve your bottom line
    • Implementing successful billing and other reimbursement and funding strategies
    • Maximizing Health Care Reform’s the profit potential with various technology solutions
    • Finding funding for medical and behavioral programming

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