TBHI Beta Testers Lead the WayThe Telebehavioral Health Institute (TBHI) has long-relied on groups of Beta Testers to give feedback and direction. The first TBHI Beta Tester’s group initially included a select few hand-picked professionals who offered to help TBHI better design its webpages for ease of use. It has evolved into a highly sophisticated network of focused individuals who live in a wide variety of countries, across behavioral disciplines, professional licenses and age groups. They have served the Institute by not only evaluating page layout and content, but course content, structure of post-test items, quizzes, course evaluations, certificates, shopping cart features, image design and much more. Regardless of the task, they all share an interest in helping TBHI develop an efficient, user-friendly eLearning platform to accommodate the behavioral professional community.

The TBHI Beta Testing process has also evolved into a simple and easy commitment that is quick and highly efficient. Typically, the TBHI staff enrolls Beta Testers into an email group that receives emailed questions related to some aspect of the TBHI training. To solicit multiple answers the question, they type up the question, attach any needed materials to be considered and email it to the group. Participants look over these materials and give their honest opinions, recommendations or feedback. This interaction is highly valued at TBHI. In fact, the TBHI Beta Testing feedback is considered the lifeblood of TBHI’s success within the professional community. Although TBHI is renown for offering elite training in telemental health legal and ethical content, Trainees report high levels of user satisfaction. many actually report “enjoying” the experience. This success is largely attributed to the quality of well-considered, carefully developed feedback TBHI has received from its community over the years.

There’s also no stress with a TBHI Beta Tester position. If a group member is unable to participate at that time, there’s no problem. Most groups are highly responsive and TBHI always gets enough valuable feedback to make the effort worthwhile.

TBHI’s Beta Testers are privy to some internal experimental decision-making. That information is considered proprietary and to be kept confidential. Trainees who agree to participate in this process must agree to protect the names, situations and contents of the materials and maintain our confidentiality.

All interested parties are encouraged to contact the TBHI staff to apply.