Are You an APA Member? Do You Agree that It Is Imperative for Professionals to Support the Responsible Use of Technology in Mental Health?

APA MemberIf you support the development of technology for psychology, and are an APA member, please click this link to log into the APA website and add your name to our petition to support a new division devoted exclusively to technology:

Your login is needed to access the APA website, but if you don’t have your login, never fear  — we have you covered. Just go to our website, print out the petition and mail it to the APA.

We have hundreds of print petitions already mailed in, and they soon will appear on the APA website. If you want to volunteer to do some of the heavy lifting, let me know. We need all the help we can find for canvassing the upcoming convention as well as the Internet for support.

We can do this! Let’s get it started today. Please ask your colleagues to help as well.

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