Vote Jean Lau Chin for APA President

Jean Lau Chin APA PresidentVote Jean Lau Chin for APA President if you are looking for technology-minded leadership at the APA, Dr. Jean Lau Chin is the Presidential candidate to consider!

Dr. Chin has been a staunch advocate for the responsible use of technology for more than two decades. She is aware of and concerned about many of the central issues facing telepsychologists.

Please read her statement below and take a few minutes to vote for her when ballots are released by the APA on September 15, 2019.

Using our Technology to do Psychological Good

The growth in technology has been a curse or a godsend. Will technology replace us? We cannot deny its existence.  We must learn to harness technology for psychological good and manage technology before it manages us. 

  • How do we encourage psychologists to be at the cutting edge of technology instead of trailing behind and being reactive? We can do our work better. 
  • We can improve our communication across geographic distances while maintaining interpersonal connections using technology to enhance rather than supplant
  • Teletherapy has expanded access to care; however, there is the good and bad. Few guidelines for ethical and quality practice exist leaving open concerns about privacy, ethics, and quality 
  • Social media is now our shorthand communication, especially among our younger colleagues. Some bemoan their superficial, 30-second blitz. Others extol its rapid and immediate connection to many. Can we come together to address the dilemma?
  • We are increasingly dependent on technology to manage our work; new technologies emerge every day. How do we ensure that technology is used to do psychological good? 

Candidate with Breadth and Leadership Experience as

Clinician, Researcher, Academic, Educator

Building Bridges and Promoting Diverse Perspectives

President-Elect Statement for Jean Lau Chin: https://www.jeanlauchinforapapresident.com/statements

Psychology as a profession has grown significantly with our work now impacting almost all facets of everyday life. Our practice—in providing mental health assessment and treatment services as practitioners—has grown in the complex problems, diverse populations and varied settings we serve.  Our research—in building knowledge about psychology has led to burgeoning areas of research such as neuropsychology, addictions and trauma. General applied psychology is now added to span the diverse areas where psychology has been applied including business and industry, design and engineering, education, law, natural and built environments, sports, technology, consulting and organizational development. 

Under APA’s new Strategic Plan, our vision is for a strong, diverse, and unified psychology that enhances knowledge and improves the human condition. Psychologists bring many resources and strengths.  It is time for psychology to take stronger leadership and use our science and apply our knowledge to address critical societal issues, provide quality mental health services, and engage all psychologists to make an impact in society.

I want to convene Integrative Leadership Forums to include our diverse expertise and perspectives and address how psychology can take leadership on critical societal issues such as violence, terrorism, climate change, intolerance and social justice.  We can integrate our science, practice, and applied psychology areas to address common problems while maintaining their differences to reach more creative solutions. I want to address how we prepare psychologists for the rapid change, instability and divisiveness occurring in our society today, how we work in an increasingly diverse and global society, and how we maximize the use of technology to better do our work. This is about Psychologists as Leaders to Empower, Advocate, and make a Difference.

If you are an APA member and haven’t yet received your ballot to vote for Dr. Chin, please contact contact Garnett Coad at: gcoad@apa.org


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