Are you Thinking About Building Your Online Practice? Want a Suggestion?

Telehealth Online Practice We’ve got just the experience to help you build your online practice, and put extra long-term cash in your pocket as well. Self-help products are in very high demand online, and you are in an excellent position to quickly develop engaging products to jump-start your online practice. Most of our colleagues haven’t yet entered this field. By developing a pool of readers/listeners will increase your practice-development chances of standing out from other therapists who practice only in brick-and-mortar offices, or who only “hang a shingle” through a website or blog and expect consumer to flock to your services. I can show you how to quickly develop a useful self-help eBook, audio recording, video training or other consumer / professional tool to enhance your online practice with:

  • The expertise you already have
  • Many of the materials already in your office filing cabinet
  • Using free or very inexpensive online software
  • Hired help that is as affordable for highly skilled work
  • A 100% available self-help product-hungry consumer website
  • Creativity, joy and a sense of right purpose

Join a small group experience to help you ask all the questions you need to make a project work for you. It will be augmented by an online support group at the TMH Institute to guide you and even help you sell your products. What about Test-Marketing? My very own SelfhelpMagazine Website is ready for new, high quality products that meet my criteria. If chosen, your product could be available to my consumer audience by the summer if you get started now. Where to Start? I’ll show you how a simple 1-hour interview with an expert can get you no less than 5 “products” to sell online. These products then because magnets to draw interested consumers to you for your telepsychiatry, telepsychology, distance counseling and online therapy services. What we’ll cover:

  • ebooks
  • “apps”
  • webinars
  • podcasts
  • virtual book tours
  • continuity programs
  • virtual book tours
  • audio books and
  • professional training programs


Called Jump Start Your Telepractice: Creating Passive Income with Legal & Ethical Self-Help Materials, this small group, 100% online workshop will help you get started and stay focused on developing and marketing a product of your own.


Monday, April 15 —  We be meeting for 6 different sessions on various Mondays at 3 PM, Eastern.


Yes – in case you have to miss any or all meetings.


100% Online, at the TMH Institute Training Center: www.telehealth.org/training


Yes, this teleworkshop comes with 6 enjoyable and productive Continuing Education Units.

Group Support?

Yes, we’ve created a special, private 24/7 discussion forum for you to get support, feedback and work with other Trainees who are developing products using similar technology (audio products, ebooks, etc.)

How to Order?

Choose the link below:

Click here to get the regular non-CE version: $495

As always, you will have our 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee, but you are likely to be more than happy with how much you learn. If you have any questions, send us an email at contact@telehealth.org.

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