Behavioral HIPAA Compliance Webinar

Behavioral HIPAA Compliance: What you need to know about HIPAA compliance

As an organization or professional operating in the Behavioral Healthcare field, you understand the value of protecting your client’s rights and their personal information. Your clients come to you with any number  of different situations, scenarios, and issues that require sensitivity to their mental and physical well-being which demands strict adherence to security and privacy protocols.
Learn about the latest enforcement trends and changes to behavioral HIPAA compliance, and find out how to protect your Behavioral Health organization’s reputation and avoid crippling federal fines.
The host of the program will be Kristen Walker, founder of EverythingEHR, a group of behavioral healthcare providers, seasoned software implementers, and information specialists dedicated to advising Behavioral Healthcare professionals and academics during their electronic health records, clinical and training hours tracking, and revenue cycle management search. The sponsoring organization will be the Compliancy Group, dedicated to the singular goal of simplifying compliance, allowing small- and mid-size organizations the ability to Achieve, Illustrate, and MaintainTM compliance with confidence. 
Webinar Date: June 22nd at 2 EST. 

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