APA 2015 Report – Remarkable Canadian Telepsychology

APA 2015 ReportTo read an interview with Dr.Karen Cohen, CEO of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) where she joined a group of us at the 7-hour “Telepsychology Best Practices” workshop in Toronto last weekend, visit the Coalition for Technology and Behavioral Science (CTiBS) website. In the interview, she and I discussed the tremendous progress the CPA has made with respect to telepsychology, including the publication of their first telepsychology guidelines in 2006. They now are working on the 4rth version of those guidelines. 

Read the entire interview on the CTiBS website. If you know other notable Canadian telepsychology and behavioral professionals, please add a note about them and their work on that CTiBS website. Also, consider joining CTiBS to support the effort of many behavioral professionals working interprofessionally to increase awareness of the legal and ethical use of technology in the behavioral sciences. Dues are a minimum of $1 per year to make membership available to all interested professionals worldwide. 

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