Center for Connected Health Policy Releases Telehealth Reimbursement Report

Center for Connected Health Policy

As the federally designated National Telehealth Policy Resource Center, the Center for Connected Health Policy provides technical assistance to 12 Regional Telehealth Resource Centers nationwide. It also focuses on disseminating policy information.

Recently, CCHP completed an analysis of all Medicaid policies related to telehealth across 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Just click on the “reimbursement” button at their website to get the latest information about related proposals and policies in each state.

A recent article in HealthLeaders quotes Mario Gutierrez, the Director of CCCHP as saying, “We used a variety of research tools, as well as just getting it the old-fashioned way of digging into all the Medicaid manuals and finding any reference to telehealth,” says Mario Gutierrez, CCHP executive director. “We’ve vetted it with our regional partners to make sure that it’s all accurate, and so far, we were able to refine the language to make it as accurate as possible.”

But because states keep updating their telehealth and remote patient monitoring laws and policies, the work is ongoing. As reimbursement incentives turn more to value-based care, organizations must keep up with these changes as well. “You just can’t overlay telehealth and the technology of telehealth onto an existing practice unless there’s a thorough analysis of how that practice is organized and engineered in a way that it takes advantage of telehealth.”

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