Do You Deliver Telemental Health to Couples & Families?

Telemental Health

Are you a mental health practitioner providing therapy to couples or families?

The TeleMental Health Institute is supporting the efforts of a graduate student who is currently inviting telemental health practitioners to participate in a 10-15 minute anonymous survey. The information collected from this survey will be used to inform a research study to better understand how mental health practitioners are conducting telemental health treatment for couples and family therapy.

For the purposes of this study, “telemental health” is defined as the delivery of mental health services via technology. If you are interested in participating or know someone who might be interested, please click the telemental health couples and family therapy survey here.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

This study is conducted by a doctoral student, Anastasia Cantonis, M.Ed., NCC; and a faculty member from the Educational Psychology and Learning Systems Department at Florida State University.

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