Disease Management Apps

For those of you interested in medical apps as a special focus for mental health interventions, Brian Dolan’s Top Ten Chronic Condition Management Apps might be of interest. Please note that home health and mental health are closely aligned in focus, and the overlapping territory is often disease management apps:

disease management apps

  1. GoMeals developed by Sanofi Aventis – a free app that provides nutritional values and the ability to track and manage food intake.
  2. GlucoseBuddy developed by oneAppOneCause – a free app that provides data storage utility for people with diabetes.
  3. Allergy Alert developed by SDI Health – a free app that provides regual pollen forcast for local areas.
  4. Livestrong developed by Demand Media – a $0.99 app that keeps users up-to-data on cancer information
  5. WaveSense Diabetes Manager developed by Agamatrix – a free app that helps users track glucose results, carb intake, and insulin does.
  6. Diabetes Log developed by Distal Thoughts – a free app that helps users to track glucose levels, food intake, and medicine records.
  7. Diabetes Companion developed by dLife – a $0.99 app that in addition to glucose level tracking, provides recipes, answers diabetes questions, and posts informative videos.
  8. Diabetes Health Mobile developed by Diabetes Health – a free app that provides access to news articles and blogs about diabetes and lets the user share the information with others.
  9. hCG Diet app developed by CodeQ – a $12.99 app that providers users with a comprehensive ability to track diet and exercise, as well as their weight loss progress.
  10. BloodPressure+Pulse Grapher Lite developed by Michael Heinz – a $1.99 app that allows users to track their blood pressure and pulse.

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