Looking for an In-Person Workshop for Distance Counseling at the ACA Conference?

Distance Counseling

Curious about Distance Counseling?

Get an eye-opening, opportunity-filled day filled of facts, processes and fun, (yes fun 🙂 by coming to the American Counseling Association’s Pre-conference learning Institute for “Distance Counseling and 2014 ACA Ethics Code: Best Practices.” If you are wanting an in-person conference for Distance Counseling, c’mon down to Orlando, Florida on March 11. 

Join us for a relaxed, day-long discussion of:

  • Fundamentals (mistakes and solutions found by researchers)
  • How to choose the right technologies
  • Legal and ethical guideposts to follow
  • How to get paid
  • How to get ready for Health Care Reform
  • Where to get more information if needed
  • Fun, games and prizes, too!

We’ll be presenting a full, 6-hours worth 6 CEs. See the ACA conference brochure on page 14 (lower right column). Look for Program ID #15009 n Celebration 5 Distance Counseling and 2014 ACA Ethics Code: Best Practices Introductory Donna M. Ford, MS, Marlene M. Maheu, PhD.

We’ll be at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, Florida. You need not attend the full conference to attend this day of Distance Counseling training. The TeleMental Health Institute will also have a booth (#226) at this adjoining conference. Drop by and get your technology-related questions answered!

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3 comments on “Looking for an In-Person Workshop for Distance Counseling at the ACA Conference?

  1. I’m very interested in exploring the procedures for and ethical considerations about distance counseling or online counseling via SKYPE. Dan Marsh

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