Distance Credentialed Counselor Training at the TeleMental Health Institute

Distance Credentialed Counselor Training

We are getting deluged with questions about the TeleMental Health Institute’s Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC) training, so we decided to out all that information in one place for you. First, we’ll clarify our relationship to the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), and why they invited us to give them a bid to offer our TeleMental Health Certificate training. CCE is a credentialing organization that offers about a dozen different types of credentials to a variety of professionals. If you are a counselor, you probably have heard of them before, in that they are part of a larger group that administers the state exam for Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs). That group also organizes and issues the credential for counselors known as the National Certified Counselor (NCC). CCE now offers the distance counseling credential known as the Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC).

What does the DCC credential mean?

Just like the NCC credential bestows recognition for having attained a level of accomplishment, the DCC credential indicates that the professional having earned it is has reached a level of professionalism that a group of peers have established as a standard for the industry. Having attained the DCC credential then, is seen as a standard that has been set as a minimum level of training that is considered desirable by counselors.

Why is TMHI offering the professional training for the DCC?

CCE approached the TMHI  in the autumn of 2014 to ask us to send them a bid to deliver our training to the professionals interested in the DCC credential. We easily met their criteria, and they readily selected us to be one of their training sites. it is important to note then, that the training comes from TMHI, and once completed, the trainee then submits proof of that completion to CCE as part of their requirements for obtaining the DCC credential. CCE then, does not offer distance counselor training, but rather, encourages professionals interested in the DCC credential to obtain their training through TMHI. 

Steps for Obtaining the DCC Credential

  1. Register for a CCE-approved training program at the TeleMental Health Institute, complete all relevant courses (note that both TMHI Certificate Packages of courses meet CCE requirements).
  2. Contact us to receive your TMHI T raining Completion Certificate (note: This is different from your course completion certificates. In order to receive the training completion certificate, we will need to manually review your account to verify that you have passed all courses . You may request your training review at contact@telehealth.org) . (This manual process can require from five to ten business days.)
  3. Contact CCE to get the DCC application form. The PDF can be downloaded here.
  4. Submit a copy of your TMHI T raining Completion Certificate, the DCC application, additional documents and fee to the CCE as per the instructions in the PDF linked above. Please note that the approval process can require up to six weeks after submission of your completed packet .
  5. CCE will contact you in regards to your to approval for the DCC credential .

If you have question about our telemental health trainings, please send them to contact@telehealth.org where our friendly support team will be able to help you. If you have questions about the DCC credentialing process, please visit the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE)  website.

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5 comments on “Distance Credentialed Counselor Training at the TeleMental Health Institute

  1. Thank you.. i am glad to have found this site. I am a WV Licensed Professional Counselor who is also licensed in NC. I am certified in Alcohol and Drugs (ADC), Problem Gambling (NCGC-1) and Tobacco (CTTS). I have a DCC certification that I received after live training 2 years ago.
    Happy to know you are affiliated with DCC. I am in the process of preparing to license in a few other states– SC and another this year. I have started using my distance counseling in my bricks and mortar office (2 clients now). I plan to expand this service and have been recruited by 2 national telemed companies to come on board. HELP….I am sorting through additional states in which to license and avialable information is so fuzzy. I am interested in your conferences as well. Pd

    • Hello pjd,

      Welcome to the Institute. Kudos on having gotten started.
      How can we best be of help to you?

  2. I am a LPCC in Kentucky and wonder how you can work across state lines without being licenced in other states?

  3. Dr. Maheu:

    I am a LPCC in Kentucky and am confused about something. Seems the CCE has now upgraded the DCC credential to the Board Certified Telemental Health Profider (BC-TMH) designation. However they are using New College Institute STAR Telehealth and Telehealth Certification Institute as the only two training programs acceptable for the newly created credential. Do they not or will they not accept your training certification program as an equal program given that they sought you ought originally for the DCC credential? I am not sure which to select. As an LPCC and an inactive NCC, I think having the BC-TMH from the same credentialing body would be better suited. Yes?

    Or is this question possibly opening up a can of worms that is best left unopened? If so, I do apologize, but I am seeking clarification. Thanks

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