EHR Adoption Rates?

EHR adoptionHow are EHRs being received by the professionals adopting them? Early reports are starting to show some trends in EHR adoption. As can be expected, both positives and negatives are surfacing. Complaints As can be expected, complaints about EHRs are erupting in multiple arenas, as can be seen in these reports: The EHR Has No Clothes. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly–Real Life Stories. Fraud Fraud is also on the rise. An electronic interface’s ability make it easy for a practitioner to cut and paste information is leading to a new problem: “cloning,” which involves the copying of one patient’s information and pasting it into another patient’s chart to give the impression that a more thorough examination or treatment occurred. Such fraud is being noticed: U.S. Warning to Hospitals on Medicare Bill Abuses. Meanwhile, reports of improvements in billing have also lead to higher Medicare costs: Medicare Bills Rise as Records Turn Electronic. In a review of the association between EHR use and changes to the patient-psychiatrist relationship, findings associated with 141 study participants showed no showed no significant differences (at the 0.05 level) to any questionnaire category for all subjects combined or when subjects were stratified by primary diagnosis category. See the full artricle here: Do electronic health records affect the patient-psychiatrist relationship? A before & after study of psychiatric outpatients. Please comment below and include links to other articles if you have seen other reports referencing Electronic Health Record adoption. Have questions? Sign Up for Our FREE EHR Webinar on February 25, 2013 Join us for a FREE 1-hour webinar with noted EHR specialist, Lisette Wright. Sign up here. If you haven’t yet seen the description of our February 25th webinar with Ms. Wright, or registered to be informed of our webinars every month, read details here. FREE recording will be made available for 48 hours afterwards.

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