European Association of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA) Recommendations: Digital Psychological Interventions in Practice

EFPA Digital Psychological Interventions, Recommendations for Policy & Practice

Cover of EFPA Recommendations, 2020In January of 2020, the European Association of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA) project group on E-health released a document outlining “general rules” concerning the dissemination in and use of digital behavioral health interventions. Their recommendations are considered important points of attention when working with digital interventions. As can be expected, some of these good practices are already in place in several European countries. The EFPA document authors explain in their introduction that while their project summary document refers to psychologists, their recommendations can easily be applied to any behavioral profession.

In releasing their summary document, the EFPA group also makes it clear that their recommendations are practice-specific and intended to be an initial statement rather than evidence-based. They also make it a point to introduce the document with an invitation for readers from other geographic areas to adapt the general principles to their local context. They explain that they offer their document at a  “source of inspiration for (inter)national policymakers” and are careful to mention that all recommendations are based on the extensive experience and knowledge of literature and practice of the project group members. They also add that that they did not substantiate their comments with elaborate references to literature, “mainly to keep it concise.”

International telehealth guidance is always welcomed by the Telebehavioral Health Institute. We, therefore, congratulate the EFPA for their dedication to behavioral healthcare and for their efforts at ensuring quality practice in the delivery of digital behavioral services. The EFPA document is attached HERE for your review and comment.

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