Find Your Pot of Gold with Telemental Health

Find Your Pot of Gold with Telemental Health | TBHI

101 – Introduction to Telebehavioral Health Theory and Practice


Haven’t Tried Telehealth Yet / Not Sure It Is Safe?

Maybe this St. Patrick’s Day offer will be a kickstart for you to learn how telehealth can become your pot of gold!

This 100% online course will:

    • help expose you to the remarkably supportive evidence-base and
    • show you how to incorporate key legal and ethical best practices, such as:
      • how to think about client/patient selection
      • choosing the right technologies
      • and practicing over state lines legally

You’ll also get 6 CE Hours, along with 6 months of 24/7 access to the finest eLearning telemental health program available, today!

Get ready for an online educational adventure of a lifetime! Taught by a world-class faculty whose passion has led the field for more than two decades, you will appreciate the benefit that only decades of experience can deliver: the immediate ability to integrate and deliver the facts in a single, incisive voice to help you get the point, extract the legal and ethical “to-do’s,” and get yourself started toward building your own legal, ethical and evidence-based telepractice within hours. Register now, read from the comfort of your home or office, and print your CE certificate today!

Course Objectives

  • Identify at least 3 basic definitions used in telemental health
  • Intelligently discuss at least 3 primary legal concerns to be addressed in telemental health
  • Intelligently discuss at least 3 primary ethical concerns to be addressed in telemental health
  • List at least 3 legitimate ways to approach online assessment
  • Describe at least 2 issues of relevance to practicing over state lines
  • Identify which of the many technologies used today meets HIPAA, HITECH and PIPEDA requirements
  • Identify which of the technologies (video, email, text messaging, phone) used today is preferred by insurance companies
  • Show where to access more than 3,000 searchable evidence-based references for telemental health

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