Free Connected Healthcare Podcasts with Health IT Leaders

Looking for the latest news in healthcare technology? Listen to these Connected Healthcare podcasts to get a weekly sense of what’s going on. These podcasts are some of my favorites because they bring us 1-1 interviews with industry experts who reveal what excites and challenges them in the mHealth market. The podcasts also discuss the news they see shaping the market every week.

Also, the Connected Healthcare 2015 conference is just about to come to San Diego from June 18-19. Look for details at their website and join me while you are there. I’ll be the one exploring opportunities for the behavioral community.

Speakers include:

Greg ORR, Mark SCRIMSHIRE, Suzanne Sysko CLOUGH, Sanjeev BHAVNANI MD, Terrance KNOX, Leigh Ann RUGGLES, Fadesola ADETOSOYE, Tom BOYLE, Charlie SHICK, Nick VAN TERHEYDEN, Alan PORTELA, Gunnar TROMMER, Peter KUNG,, Vincent SERHAN,  Kim TYRRELL-KNOTT, Vincent SERHAN, Camille NEBEKER, Brandi NEWELL, Drew SCHILLER, Michael NUSIMOW, Matthew DIAMOND, Mario GUITIERREZ, Jared TEO, Richard BOXER, Raphaela O’DAY, Katya HANCOCK, Ruchira GUPTA, Deborah GREENWOOD, Monisha PERKASH, Ashkan AFKHAMI, Tom ENGDAHL, Michael NOVA MD, Brian SELZER, John MATTISON, Thomas LOARIE, Eric STECKELMAN, Ram PRAYAGA, Lori KEIM, Mark MCCALLIOG, Satya RAO, Anurag GUPTA, Denise BROCK, Victor WANG, Ryan HUNGATE.


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