TBHI Efforts to Assist with FREE Telehealth Training for COVID-19

FREE Telehealth Training for COVID-19

FREE Telehealth Training for COVID-19


To assist behavioral professionals seeking evidence-based telehealth training to help deal with COVID-19, I’m hoping that this community can share resources with us at the Telebehavioral Health Institute to pass along to our Community of Learners. If you have behavioral health-related resources that we could post on our webpages for our community, have COVID-19 related telehealth articles to include in our newsletter, or have other ideas about how we might work together to help our clients, please contact us.

Efforts We Wish to Share with You

Please help us help the community by sharing your ideas and efforts with us.

Marlene M. Maheu

Executive Director

Telebehavioral Health Institute, LLC

Your TBHI Professional Training Options

TBHI specializes in teaching you how to relax when delivering telehealth.  It offers you a step-by-step learning path of online training that helps you be legally and ethically compliant, clinically proficient, and able to handle even the most difficult of clinical scenarios. Take advantage of COVID discount pricing to learn how to sit back and enjoy your telehealth experiences, rather than struggling with ZOOM fatigue and clinical uncertainty. All courses are evidence-based, available 24/7 through any device and most count toward legal and ethical requirements for licensure. Two micro certifications are also available.

    1. Telehealth Group Therapy  — Exciting, highly interactive telehealth learning experience designed to get answers to your questions about legally and ethically managing telehealth group therapy. Digital class will allow you to connect with colleagues ahead of time to ask questions and share answers. Distinguished faculty will lead you through telehealth group therapy theory and exercises.
    2. Telehealth Clinical Best Practices Workshop — Live, interactive webinar, w/ 4 CME or CE hours to discuss preventing and handling complex clinical issues.
    3. Course Catalog
    4. Micro Certifications to give you a broader range of legal and ethical grounding, and allow you to distinguish yourself as a TBHI-credentialed professional on your websites, in social media, directories and other areas.

Please help support our non-profit Telehealth Institute by choosing one of these options:

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