FTC is Seeking Public Comment: Should Allied Professionals Have More Opportunity to Render Service? Should State Licensing Laws Change To Allow For Practice Over State Lines? Should Reimbursement Models Change?


The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”or “Commission”) will hold a public workshop, “Examining Health Care Competition,” on March 20-21, 2014, to study certain activities and trends that may affect competition in the evolving health care industry. The workshop will explore current developments related to professional regulations; innovations in health care delivery; advancements in health care technology; measuring and assessing health care quality; and price transparency for health care services. This notice poses a series of questions upon which the FTC seeks public comment.

The Commission will consider these comments as it prepares for the workshop and may use them in a subsequent report or policy paper. This Notice poses a series of questions about which the FTC seeks public comment. The FTC will take these comments into account in its examination of these topics.

If you are unable to access the form linked above, click here for an alternate method of submitting a public comment.

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