ATA Annual Meeting Behavioral Highlight: GeriJoy

Scanning the American Telemedicine Association’s annual meeting exhibit hall for behavioral tools, I found one that was particularly interesting. GeriJoy provides a patient engagement and clinical reporting service that leverages GeriJoy’s global team of specially-trained health advocates to provide 24×7, person-centered wellness coaching, psychosocial support, and timely, actionable reporting and alerts. Founder Victor Wang’s concept was to marry a solution for chronically ill patients with an ever-present supply of Filipino attendants through a video interface. 
GeriJoy uses tablet-based avatars to captivate patients and enhance continuity of care. Software algorithms help GeriJoy’s health advocates to reinforce a distant patient’s self-management of chronic conditions such as heart failure, myocardial infarction, pneumonia, COPD, depression, and diabetes, and all according to clinical best practices. Referring clinicians receive regular patient progress reports, in addition to timely alerts on issues that need urgent intervention, helping to mitigate risk and reduce hospital readmissions.
GeriJoy has earned accolades for health and senior care innovation leadership from organizations such as TEDMED and the US Senate, and currently serves the hospital, senior living, and home care market segments across the continental United States. For more information, look for their videos on YouTube and visit gerijoy.com


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