Going to ATA’s “Fall Forum” in Palm Desert?

ATA's Fall Forum

The ATA’s mid-year meeting is always a more intimate, creative format. This year’s Palm Desert meeting will be held at the Marriott Desert Springs Resort and will focus on chronic care. As many of you know, the treatment of chronic disease is increasingly becoming a focus for behavioral specialists of all types. This is the program description from the ATA website:

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, are the leading causes of death and disability. As a nation, 75 percent of our healthcare dollars go to treatment of chronic diseases. This forum will bring together the nation’s leading experts to discuss how to successfully integrate telecommunications technology for chronically ill patients outside of traditional health delivery institutions.

Over the past twenty years there has been extensive research surrounding the use of telemedicine to prevent, treat and manage chronic diseases; however, identifying what works and what does not, based on validated evidence, has never before been brought together in one place. The goal of the forum is to fill that void.   Key topics that will be addressed will include ROI models for remote patient monitoring (RPM), innovative payment strategies for chronic disease management, tactics to reduce readmissions, legal and regulatory issues, outcomes research for telehealth utilization for specific chronic diseases, innovative technologies, and how to select the right patients for telehealth and consumer engagement. 

The meeting is open to all but specifically is aimed at providing practical information for:

  • Health systems seeking ways to integrate technology for post discharge patients
  • Providers looking to expand efficiency into chronically ill patients
  • Vendors exploring new market opportunities
  • Researchers developing related areas of expanded studies

The meeting will be composed of presentations and discussions covering three aspects:

  1. A meta-analysis of the most recent and most scientifically validated research with overall conclusions of what the studies show regarding approaches, cost and quality outcomes and appropriate uses of technology
  2. Individual reports of successful approaches used by health systems and providers to integrate telecommunications technology to positively impact chronic care services
  3. Proposed new applications and programs for chronic care services

An accompanying exhibit program will include an array of existing and new companies providing devices, applications and consulting services for this market.

If you plan to go, drop me a line and we can meet for coffee. just send me a note through this web page: www.telehealth.org/contact



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