Going to the ACA Conference this Week? Attend Thursday’s Learning Institute: Distance Counseling, HITECH, and HIPAA: Navigating Compliance, the Law, and Ethics

ACA Conference

Are you curious about how to maximize your efforts with technology? Secure your seat now to attend this fast-paced Learning Institute on Thursday, March 27 in Honolulu. You’ll get a full, fun-filled day with riveting information about how to handle legal, ethical, clinical and practical challenges related to Skype, HIPAA, Licensure and much more.

I’ve teamed up with Donna Ford, Past President of ACA (1999) to bring you this eye-opening, horizon-expanding program. We will give you vignette after vignette of how technology can be used effectively to improve outcomes, decrease your costs and grow your practice with many more clients than you might be seeing now.

Look for us in the ACA Conference Program Guide by searching for “Distance Counseling, HITECH, and HIPAA: Navigating Compliance, the Law, and Ethics” http://www.counseling.org/docs/conference/pguide2014.pdf?sfvrsn=2 — and don’t let the technical title deceive you.

Did I say we’ll be giving away treats and prizes all day? It will be fun, enlightening, highly interactive and yes — relaxed. (BYOFF — Bring Your Own Flip-Flops if you like — remember, this is Honolulu 🙂


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