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HIPAA Compliant EmailMany of our colleagues are using smart devices for client/patient contact, but are they wise in their wholesale adoption of new technologies? Since some of us started telehealth work in 1994, we at the TeleMental Health Institute have remained conservative. We pride ourselves on looking before we leap, at least most of the time. When it comes to legal or ethical issues, we try to get our facts from government documents or professional associations, and extrapolate as little as possible. Their lack of direct applicability has often left us perplexed and digging deeper. Luckily, we usually found what we sought. This entire scenario is especially true with regard to email, which we’ve reluctantly embraced because of it’s lack of the many cues we feel are essential to responsible mental health care with clients/patients who are unknown, unseen and unidentified by any larger system, such as a hospital network or employer.

Nonetheless, we see many applications of relevance involving email with clients/patients who are known, seen or identified in larger health care systems. We therefore have been investigating a variety of companies that claim to be HIPAA compliant. We share their names and links with you today, and encourage you to comment below if you know these or other companies that might be of relevance to health care delivery:

Please suggest other companies below in the comment section for us to add to our list!

Thank you.

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