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Companies devoted to mental health practice and offering “HIPAA compliant” video platforms are surfacing. One videoconferencing company I just found yesterday is Iconic Health’s HomePsych. They not only are Internet-based, they put their HIPAA compliant claims in plain view on their webpages, and explain their approach to determining such compliance. They offer a host of supportive services for mental health practitioners as well.

I have not spoken to their representatives, but will soon. For instance, I’d like to know if they provide insurance against any liability for their services. I am also interested in getting the details of their security as well as reliability data.  Security is one thing, and reliability is another. “Reliability” refers to the number of times the calls are dropped.  “Down time” is a term that comes into such conversations. Also of importance are the audio and video quality of those calls on average — as opposed to their best possible performance — and what it takes to reconnect after a dropped call.

Meanwhile, if you have been looking for such a platform to use with your mental health clients, I encourage you to examine their webpages and claims carefully. You may even ask to have their agreement sent to you and reviewed by your own attorney, who can review it for compliance not only with HIPAA regulations, but any other state or federal law that might apply to your practice.

The aspect of this company’s website that I particularly appreciate is that unlike some of the public, VoIP-based platforms that I’ve discussed in previous blogs, Iconic Health is clearly willing to make a public statement regarding their HIPAA compliance. Their compliance statement offers us at least some liability protection if anything goes wrong with a patient connection, and the Federal Trade Commission can be asked to intervene if the company’s public claims are proven to be false.

If you have found any other system that claims HIPAA compliance for videoconferencing, please let us all know by posting details below!

By analogy, please note that just because we have the keys to drive a bus, we may not have the skills. If you’ve not received specific training in video-conferencing, text-chatting or or email with clients or patients, consider finding a reputable training program to help you steer clear of serious hazards.

These are my thoughts. What are yours?

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