How to Develop A Thriving Telemental Health Practice from Your Home

Legal and Ethical Strategies

1-hour Training Webinar

Interested in starting a telemental health practice but not quite sure how to get started?

telemental health practiceFamiliarize yourself with a successful online practice model that is HIPAA compliant and reimbursed by third-party payors. Identify resources to increase the success of your telemental health practice.

This interview of Mindy Mueller Psy.D. and Dawn Sampson, LCSW will examine their forward-looking business model for practicing telemental health that is both HIPAA compliant and consumer-oriented.


  • History and development of a practical and effective telemental health practice model
  • Legal and ethical alternatives to SKYPE
  • Intake procedures, informed consent, and patient education for maintaining a telemental health practice
  • Treatment protocols, guidelines, and regulations relevant to telemental health
  • Managing mental health crisis for telemental health patients
  • Scheduling, record keeping, and billing issues
  • Imperative business and professional relationship


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