Insurance Billing Code for Telehealth

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Is there an insurance billing code for telehealth?

Telehealth Insurance Billing code


Yes, there actually are a large number of CPT billing codes that are specific to telehealth as well as a fairly extensive list that are specific to telebehavioral health. When you are ready to start delivering telebehavioral or any other kind of telehealth, ask the insurance carrier to approve you for telehealth sessions prior to delivering sessions. When billing, know which modifier to use, or not use. Use “-GT” after your normal CPT code if billing the “G” codes. When billing the “9” codes, do not use the modifier. Place of service codes are the digit “2”. Although a nuisance, it is wise to check with each insurer before billing. Once your claim is rejected, it might be too late to re-submit.

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2 comments on “Insurance Billing Code for Telehealth

  1. When was it no longer necessary to use the GT modifier after the “9” codes? and should the place of service code not be 02 (a 2 digit code)?

    • AG,

      Thank you for your question. Most third-party carriers do not require the -GT. However, my best suggestion to you is to contact each insurance carrier prior to billing and ask them for their preference. And yes, as of last year, the place of service code is “02”.

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