Is It Going to be Enough for Us to Simply Learn about the New Technologies for Behavioral Care?

New Technologies for Behavioral CareTechnology is reshaping how we think of and deliver our services and related products. Many healthcare leaders recognize that technology is not just an issue for the future, but rather, it is already impacting health care. Widespread effects can be seen ranging from how we keep notes (e.g., Finally! Easy Q&As about Electronic Health Records (EHR) for Mental Health) to  how we deal with our telephones (e.g., Will We Be Treating Mental Health Patients by Smartphone before 2020 (Part I) to how we can now bill third party carriers for telehealth services when they are provided under allowed conditions (e.g., States Requiring Private Insurance Payers Reimbursement for Telehealth & Telemedicine).

Many behavioral telehealth and mental health leaders also realize that the transformation we will soon see in our field will parallel what we’ve seen in other industries. Many consider technological innovation to already be on the fast track to becoming a primary mode of behavioral care delivery because it can:

  • reach more people in need
  • deliver comparable efficacy to in-person care, and
  • save dollars

 Some of us even posit that learning about technology is not enough. If we hope to assure the retention of our values as behavioral specialists, we need to take an active role in shaping the technologies already being adopted by our professions so as to imbue them with our values as developed over decades in our professions.

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