Licensing and Practicing Over State Lines: Is It Ok to Cross the Line?

Licensing and PracticingAre you puzzled about practicing across state and provincial lines or over international borders with telephone or video (Skype)?

Many professionals are confused about licensure. They have questions about how to practice over state borders, exceptions to the rule and where to go for help in extenuating circumstances. One thing is very clear: it is essential that every practitioner be fully informed and stay current because laws are not only changing  but can be dramatically different from one state or province to the next. 

You can easily learn what you need to know about licensure to have a worry-free, online practice. All these and many more essential answers are available in the TeleMental Health Institute’s upcoming webinar, available by computer, laptop or mobile device as a recorded event for your convenience.


(Fully recorded so you can listen anytime)

 with Marlene M. Maheu, PhD

Fee includes access to webinar, recording for up to six (6) months, slides, 24/7 Learning Lounge Community Forum for discussion with like-minded colleagues and 1 CE if needed. Get details here.

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