Looking for Work in TeleMental Health? Consider Helping Our Injured Veterans

Work in TeleMental HealthDo you want to get involved in telehealth and help our country at the same time? As we’ve commented in the past, the VA is rapidly expanding services through telemental health. Employment opportunities are growing dramatically. Get in now.

VA’s Telehealth Programs Bring Care Closer to Home

Columbia Tribune

The stream of veterans returning home from overseas soon could become a flood, and the Department of Veterans Affairs has responded by promoting and expanding its Telehealth program … Gaither said the VA is requiring that 50 percent of veterans will be using some form of “virtual” health care by 2014. Freeman said Truman Memorial is on track to meet the 15 percent goal for 2012. Gaither said the demand for VA health services is only going to increase as more soldiers return home. “That’s part of the incentive for providing these programs.” MORE

Veteran’s Telehealth Bill Introduced

Legislation introduced in Congress could help local veterans receive faster contact with faraway medical professionals and reduce the costs of transporting veterans to appointments across the region. MORE

Video Resources: VHA Office of Telehealth Services


The Office of Telehealth Services uses health informatics, disease management and telehealth technologies to deliver care and case management to improve access to care for veterans. Telehealth changes the location where health care services are routinely provided from a hospital or clinic to the home.

For inspiration about how telehealth can be helpful to veterans, see these Office of Telehealth Services videos. They explain Telehealth programs and how they can provide better access to Veterans.

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