Maryland Becomes 13th State to Mandate Insurance Coverage for Telehealth

13th State to Mandate InsuranceThe American Psychological Association’s website is carrying an article about Maryland’s new teleheath law. It begins:

On October 1, 2012, Maryland will become the 13th state to require private sector insurance companies to pay for telehealth services. Maryland joins California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas and Virginia in mandating that private payers cover telehealth services that are considered medically necessary and would otherwise be covered when provided face-to-face.

While reimbursement varies by insurer and state, this latest legislation seems to be part of a growing trend toward reimbursement for telehealth services.

Maryland’s law defines telemedicine (or telehealth) as “interactive audio, video or other telecommunications or electronic technology… to deliver a health care service.” As such, the law does not apply to audio-only phone conversations, email messages or faxes between providers and patients. MORE…


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